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Name: Henrique Ferreira (E-Mail)
Status: Single, with no criminal record.
Current Position: Lazy Bum
Occupation: College Student.
Year of Birth: 1982
City: Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal.

Article Credits

Articles: Black Tarantula, Blood Rose, Bloodshed, Carlyle, Chameleon, Conundrum, Dex, Digger, Dragonfly I, Dragonfly II, Kafka, Dr. Ashley, Ezekiel, The Fabulous Frog-Man, Fusion II, Gatekeeper, Grim Hunter, Hobgoblin II (Donovan), Jack O'Lantern (Jason Macendale), Jack O'Lantern III (Daniel Berkhart), Jack O'Lantern IV (Maguire Beck), Kaine, Killshot, Knight & Fogg, Alyosha Kravinoff, Leap-Frog, The Legion of Losers, Leo Zelinsky, Morlun, Mysterio II (Berkhart), Leeds, Ned, Prowler, Rose (Richard Fisk), Rose III (Jacob Conover), Shade, The Shaker, Shathra, Shriek, Sin-Eater, The Sinister Six, Spidercide, Giant Spider (From Peruvian Temple), Terraxia, King, Carl, Tri-Sentinel, Uber-Machine, Vermin, The Virus, Walrus, The White Rabbit, XP-2000, Yith

Review Credits

Console & PC Games: 2000 Activision Game

Daredevil (Vol.2): #35

Spider-Girl (Vol. 1): #47 [Pt 2]

Spider-Man (Vol. 1): #45

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1): #293, #294, #386, #387, #388 [Pt 1], #389

Spider-Man: Blue: #1 [Pt 2]

Spider-Man One-Shots: SM/Daredevil #1

Spider-Man: Quality of Life: #1 [Pt 1], #1 [Pt 2], #2, #3, #4

Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1): #131, #132, #134, #135, #136, #164, #165, #166, #167, #185, #200, #211, #247

Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1): #112, #31, #32

What If? (Vol. 2): #4


I was officially added to the staff in the October 2nd 2001, after sending Jon an email so big that he gave up on reading it and just welcomed me in. I started by doing reviews of backissues, but soon enough my attention turned toward character profiles. I study, and I'm frequently swamped with work, to the point where I no longer find the time to submit anything to the site. I just stick around and keep cashing in my paycheck, hoping the boss doesn't notice.


Spider-Girl, Y - The Last Man and Runaways.

Spider-Girl because it rocks in a classic, 80's Spider-Man sense; Y - The Last Man and Runaways because they rock, in a modern sense.

Why Spider-Man

My brother had a couple of old reprints, Spectacular Spider-Man #3 and Spectacular Spider-Man #5. Eventually I managed to get my hands on his Amazing Spider-Man #32, where Spidey is buried beneath a pile of rubble and debris. It took me years before I could find out how that story ended.

Anyway, once, on holliday, and with nothing better to spend my money on, I bought the reprint of Peter David's Spectacular Spider-Man #134 to #136, out that month. I loved it, but back from holiday, I didn't keep collecting because I knew no place where I could buy comics. Later (quite a bit later) I'd find the reprint of Gerry Conway's Spectacular Spider-Man #164 to #167, and the cover was MJ betraying Peter Parker. I bought it, and started collecting until the Portuguese distributor went broke, right in the beginning of the Clone Saga.

A couple of years later a new distributor surfaced, starting at the end of the Clone Saga. Through a feature in one of their first comics, I found this site hailed as one of the best, and learned of the huge mess that John Byrne and Bob Harras had done with the place while I was gone. I imported the original comics from the whole Clone Saga (filling in the blanks). When JMS started writing Spider-Man, I started picking up the original comics instead of the Portuguese reprints. I skipped the Reboot. It was that way ever since, until Sins Past.

My growing apathy towards the characters that were progressively less and less the ones I read about as a kid reached a culminating point. I dropped every Spider-Man book (I stuck with MK Spider-Man until the end of Millar's run, because it was the only Spider-Man comic in years that I was enjoying 100%), and I haven't regretted it one bit. By then, reading about Spider-Man was more like a chore than a hobby.


Both DeMatteis' Spectacular runs and his Kraven's Last Hunt, the Owl/Octopus Gang War, Roger Stern and Tom DeFalco's consecutive Amazing Spider-Man runs (Hobgoblin rules), Tom DeFalco's Spider-Girl, Peter David's Spectacular run, the early stages of the Clone Saga, as well as some stuff both in the middle and near the end of it (granted, it had some dysmal stuff, but lots of it was quite good), Gerry Conway's Amazing (death of Gwen and Norman) and Spectacular (Lobo's Gang War), and probably more stuff that I'm forgetting now.

(Last updated on the April 29th 2006.)

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