Spider-Man: Quality of Life #1 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2004


Ron Zimmerman, writer for the Howard Stern Show, clearly has a hold of the negatives to some pretty nasty pics featuring some Marvel high-ups. That's surely the only reason he's been allowed to write a three part backup story in Marvel comics.

Story 'Jay Leno & Spider-Man'

Also in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #44, Daredevil #33, Muties #4, New X-Men #126 and Ultimate X-Men #18.

Spidey continues his cowardice when he begs Leno to slow down, despite the fact that they are being chased by a car full of people shooting at them. They shoot the tire of the bike, Leno jumps over a car (!), and stops. The guys leave the car and Spidey takes them out in one panel. Ninja show up, Leno cowers out, they mistake him for Letterman, and he takes them all out. Yep, the story is free-falling by now, in case you're wondering.

Leno and Spidey realise that it's all planned by the director, who wanted to make the next Survivor. Leno throws him off a window. Spidey chokes live in the Tonight Show.

General Comments

Two words: "Not funny". A wide miss.

Overall Rating

Started with unremarkable, plunged off a rooftop afterwards. The art by Greg Capullo is very cool, but not even Bagley could save this.

 Posted: 2004