Here's some Frequently Asked Questions. If you want more info, you can always e-Mail The Editor, or you can see if some of the Other Staff have any expertise in the area you seek. Another great place for answers is a Spider-Man Notice-Board.

Of course, you can also ask the Spider-Oracle. The wise one answers questions - assuming that supplicant offers their request with sufficient humility as befits the exhalted one's high station. You can peruse the Oracle's Archive of Wisdom.

  1. F.A.Q. about The Site – content, advertising, the staff.
  2. F.A.Q. about Finding Things on the site, or the internet.
  3. F.A.Q. about Buying & Selling Spidey stuff.
  4. F.A.Q. about Comics - grading, numbering, valuing.
  5. F.A.Q. about Spider-Man - plus friends, villains and major events.

The Site

What is in our Site Database (and what is not). How is it organized?

  1. F.A.Q. about Database Overview (and Inclusion Guidelines).
  2. F.A.Q. about Database Variants Guidelines.
  3. F.A.Q. about Database Book Categorizing Guidelines.
  4. F.A.Q. about Database Appearance Levels.
  5. F.A.Q. about Database Review Ratings.
  6. F.A.Q. about Database SMURF Codes.

Want to join the site? Want us to join your site? Wondering what happened to the recent comics?

  1. What is your policy on Privacy & Cookies?
  2. Why doesn't SpiderFan include comics after 2015?
  3. Is your site Commercial?
  4. Can we place an advertisement on your site?
  5. Would SpiderFan like to be our affiliate site?
  6. Will SpiderFan please add a link to my site?
  7. Do similar sites exist for other characters?
  8. Why don't you review comic X, add villain Y, costume Z, etc.?
  9. Why don't you do more SpiderFun comic strips?
  10. How and when did you create this web site?
  11. Who does all the work on this site?
  12. What happened to the reviews for post-2015 comics?
  13. How do I join the team?
  14. I'm a staff member, how do I edit the site?

Finding Things

Can't find something?

  1. How do I get in touch with Marvel?
  2. How do I get a job with Marvel?
  3. How do I contact Paradise Books?
  4. How can my kid send a letter to Spider-Man?
  5. How do I join a Spider-Man fan club?
  6. Where's the Spidey chat room (or message board)?
  7. Where's can I find Spidey pictures to color/photocopy?
  8. Where are all the pictures on this site?
  9. Where's the Spider-Man fan fiction?
  10. Where's the Spider-Man Movie info?
  11. Where can I find... <insert topic here> ...
  12. Where's the Spider-Man Newspaper Strip info?
  13. Where's the 1960's TV Cartoon info?
  14. Where's the 1970's Spider-Man TV/Movie info?
  15. Where can I learn about the history of comics?
  16. Where can I learn how to create comics?
  17. Where do I get Spider-Man reprints?
  18. Where can I find... <a comic title> ...
  19. Where is the Spider-Man "SMURF" reading continuity guide?

Buying & Selling

Need more comics? Have too many?

  1. How do I buy stuff?
  2. How do I sell stuff?
  3. What are my Spidey Comics worth?
  4. What are my Spidey Trading Cards worth?


Questions about comics and other collectibles.

  1. What's going on in current issues of Spider-Man?
  2. What issues of <any title> have featured Spider-Man?
  3. What's a Silver Age comic?
  4. Why do some comics have bar-codes and non bar-code versions?
  5. How are foreign comics different from US comics?
  6. How do you determine the grade for a comic?
  7. Why did Marvel restart the Spider-Man titles from #1?
  8. Why do modern Spidey comics have two numbers?
  9. What comics should I collect?
  10. What are the print run sizes for Spider-Man comics?

Spider-Man, Characters & Events

Spider-Man heroes, villains, supporting cast, interesting events, and factoids.

  1. Who Created Spider-Man?
  2. Who knows That Peter is Spider-Man?
  3. Has Spider-Man ever died?
  4. Has Spider-Man ever killed?
  5. What's Peter's middle name?
  6. Quick, Tell Me About "The Clone Saga!"
  7. Quick, Tell Me About "Maximum Carnage!"
  8. Quick, Tell Me About "Torment!"
  9. Quick, Tell Me About "Separation Anxiety!"
  10. Quick, Tell Me About "Revenge of the Sinister Six!"
  11. Quick, Tell Me About "The Gathering of Five!"
  12. Quick, Tell Me About "Cult Of Love!"
  13. Quick, Tell Me About "Return of the Sinister Six!"
  14. Quick, Tell Me About "Powerless!"
  15. Did Spidey rescue MJ in the 90's TV Show?
  16. What girlfriends has Spider-Man (or Peter) had?
  17. Did Peter and Ben join in the Onslaught final battle?
  18. Who is Mr. Hyde?
  19. Who is Tara?
  20. Is Byrne's "Chapter One" Official Spidey Continuity?
  21. Did Mary Jane really have an affair?
  22. Did Mary Jane really take up smoking?
  23. Is Liz's Surname Allan or Allen?
  24. Did Gwen Stacy's Neck Snap or not?
  25. Who said "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility?"
  26. Are there any mistakes in the Spider-Man Encyclopedia?
  27. Are there any mistakes in the Spider-Man Movie?