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Here are trading cards and trading stickers featuring Spider-Man.

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Spider-Man Trading Cards

This section is for Trading Cards sold in packs, and specifically featuring Spider-Man. These cards are primarily designed for trading, although some may have a secondary role as a "game".

Promo Cards

This section is for non-game cards which were given away as advertising or bundled as incentives in a purely secondary role to another product.

Collectible Card Games

This section is for CCG cards, such as those from the OverPower, ReCharge, or "vs. System" Collectible Card Games. Also includes playable game tie-in cards distributed as promos.

Spider-Man Trading Stickers

Trading Stickers are distributed in packs or individually, and have some concept of a "set". Most of these sets will have a corresponding collector's sticker album which you can find in the {{Spider-Man Collectable Sticker Albums}} title.