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This sections features primarily Comics & Trade Paperbacks, but is also the home for all our Spider-Man Novels, Pamphlets, Coloring & Activity Books and anything else which features Spider-Man on the printed page.

Mainstream Universe

Core Titles

Ongoing mainstream titles in which Spider-Man is a headline character.

Limited Series & One Shots

Limited Series and one-shot stories that feature Spider-Man as a headline character in the mainstream Marvel continuity.

Spider-Man Family

Spin-Off titles for characters that clearly leveraged Spider-Man in mainstream Marvel continuity.

Marvel Guest Appearances

Spider-Man guest appearances in Marvel titles (mainstream continuity).

Alternate Universe

2099 Universe

Spider-Man in the 2099 universe.

MC2 Universe

Spider-Girl and others from the MC2 universe.

Ultimate Universe

Spider-Man and others from the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

Marvel Adventures

Spider-Man in the Marvel Adventures style.

Other Universes

Spider-Man in alternate universes that have no dedicated section.

Guides, Reprints, Promos & Appearances

Guides, References, Recaps

Guides, Reference Books, Recaps, Handbooks, Indexes, Encyclopedia, and other similar ordered and indexed summaries and facts about Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Reprints

Reprinted or summarised in a form essentially unchanged from the original released by Marvel Comics. Reprints released by Marvel UK or by licensed publishers like Panini were usually in a magazine format and are all located in the Marvel Graphic Novels & Magazines section.

Promotional Comics

Promotional comics (for both commercial & public good). Includes reprints distributed by retailers or packaged with toys or digital media.

Non-Marvel Guest Appearances

Spider-Man guest appearances in non-Marvel titles and crossovers with non-Marvel characters.

Non Comic Book Format

Books (Coloring & Activity)

Spider-Man in Coloring & Activity books.

Books (Role-Playing)

Spider-Man in Role-Playing Games, including rules, adventure modules and character guides.

Books (Novels & Picture Books)

Spider-Man in Novels, Books or Picture Books (excluding reprints and industry material).

Marvel Graphic Novels & Magazines

Marvel publications in the form of a magazine, treasury edition, graphic novel or digest. Includes Marvel UK reprints.

Newspaper Strips

Newspaper strips and complications.

Industry Publications (Biographies & Essays)

Non-Marvel publications like magazines that discuss the comics industry.