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How do I buy stuff?

Nothing on this site is for sale.

We're not selling our comics, and we can't help you buy comics.

Furthermore, we can't tell you where to buy Spider-Man Pajamas in Basingstoke, or a Spider-Man Bicycle in the Tri-State area. I can't even help you find Spider-Man vitamins in Indonesia, or Spider-Baby Diapers in Botswana.

How do I sell stuff?

The Spider-Fan site doesn't buy or sell comics.

But having said that, I (Jonathan, the site editor) do have my personal Want List online, which lists the few remaining Spider-Man comics I'm still looking for to complete my collection. Also, I might be tempted in buying some cheap, low-grade runs of comics from the 60's and early 70's, just to enjoy those classics.

What are my Spidey Comics worth?

We don't advise the value of comics or any other items – although, if you have an interesting and unusual item, we will try and help you identify what it is.

The comics market is fickle and very specialist. I've lived through the days of Overstreet, Wizard, and the 90's comics boom and bust. I've seen variant cover craziness, and now I see a market of aging collectors with few young replacements coming through.

Pardon my sweeping generalizations, but Millennials don't seem to acquire physical stuff like Gen X did. They don't buy big houses and fill them with comics, or CDs, or books, or DVDs. Instead they live in tiny houses or one-room apartments, and consume electronic media on monthly subscription.

"Simplify, Simplify" as Thoreau famously said.

Despite the global reach of eBay, selling comics is hard work. You can sell in bulk to a dealer who will give you 30c on the dollar (if you're lucky). Otherwise you can sell them one by one on some auction site, spending your nights photographing, grading, and listing comics, and carefully packaging them up for shipping.

What are my Spidey Trading Cards worth?

See above.

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