Privacy & Cookies

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We're very privacy conscious here at SpiderFan. We use absolutely the bare minimum of information.

If you are a Site Visitor then the following applies:

  • Our web-server records your public IP address and the URL of each page you access.

We this data only to figure how much traffic we're getting, and which pages are most popular.


  • If you vote in a Fans : Vote poll, we record your poll results and IP address (to avoid duplicates).
  • If you send us a letter and we reply in our Letters section, we will use your given name/nickname.
  • If you click an option to change a site display setting, we use a cookie to record your preferences.

We do not try and identify you as an individual visitor. We do not use any "fingerprinting" or non-cookie methods of storing context. We do not display any advertisements. We do not share information with any third-party (except in the unlikely case that we are required to do so by New Zealand authorities).

If you disable cookies as a Site Visitor then we will not be able to save your preferences, and any display options that you set on one page will be lost as soon as you navigate to a new page.

If you are a Staff Member then the following applies:

  • We will record your email address in our site database.
  • We will record your name (or your nom de plume) and display it on the site.
  • If you give us additional information to display on the site, we will do so.
  • If you ask us to remove/hide any of that information, we will do so.
  • When you login to the site content management pages, we use a session cookie.
  • If you want to, you can join our SpiderFan staff Google Groups mailing list.

That's it. That's all we do. Nothing sneaky, nothing clever.

If you disable cookies as a Staff Member then we have no way of managing your session login, and you will not be able to use the site management pages.

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