Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #112

 Posted: 2001

Story 'Trail's End'

Times Square: the driver of a prisoner transport truck changes course to go through the zone where Spidey was seen last. He is the Chameleon, and as he sees Spidey approaching the truck, he confirms that he's coming for the Spider-Tracer he has, and that was given to him by someone that advised him to save it for the end (Hmm...). He hits the break and shoots the nearest guard.

Spidey sees the trigger-happy prisoners leaving the truck with the guards' weapons, and the driver laughing, and dives for the driver. He rips off the truck's ceiling, and the surprised Chameleon loses the control over his fake face and asks him why isn't he helping the people in the crossfire. Shocked, Spidey realizes his enemy just reminded him of his priorities, and goes after the escaped prisoners, while the Chameleon flees.

The Chameleon, who planned to kill Spidey in the middle of the mayhem he caused, realizes he had no idea of the risks he took, and that Spider-Man changed: he neither joked nor tended to the endangered bystanders.

Spidey beats the criminals one by one, and chases the last ones into an alley. The Chameleon, who's fleeing on a jetpack, taunts him saying they have much in common. Spidey gets mad and takes it on the prisoners still standing. The last one holds a gun against his face, saying that he's the only thing standing between him and freedom. Spidey answers that if he thinks that gun can stop him, he'd better shoot now. He says he has been in prison enough time to know when a man can no longer be harmed, so he drops the gun and surrenders... but Spidey hits him anyway.

Meanwhile, the Chameleon arrives Kraven's old mansion, assumes the hunter's appearance, and enters a computer room he installed, to activate a remote controled Spider-Tracer on the abandoned bus, with a taunting note. Spidey swings away, to see a roof on fire, under a water tower. He puts out the fire, and sees an arrow pointing at the Empire State Building. A small explosion breaks the antenna, and Spidey catches it, and finds a piece of Kraven's uniform, realizing that the next stop is the place where he lived the greatest terror of his life, when he was buried alive for two weeks.

The route to the mansion makes Spidey swing right in front of his window, where MJ sees him, but he doesn't look back. She tries to phone Aunt May, but she's asleep, exausted.

In the computer room at Kraven's, the security alarm announces the arrival of Spider-Man, who gazes at Kraven's grave, side by side with his own, ready to be occupied again.

Overall Rating

Very cool stuff. The doubts in Chameleon's mind when he faces Spider-Man, the recklessness he showed when he attacked the criminals, and the lack of concern about the innocent bystanders, added to the Chameleon's increasing obssesion with Kraven, and to the delightful detail that the final showdown will take place at Kraven's mansion, earn Web of Spider-Man #112 four webs.

 Posted: 2001