Daredevil (Vol.2) #35

 Posted: 2004


A rogue member of Kingpin's organization sought refuge in the FBI's protected witnesses program. He revealed Daredevil's ID, hoping they'd find it interesting enough, but they chose to ignore it. Unfortunately for Matt Murdock, one agent didn't keep the vow that Daredevil's secret wouldn't leave that room, and sold it to the press. The press camps outside Murdock's house. Daredevil prepares to meet them.

Story Details

It's late at night. Daredevil was prepared to confront the reporters, but he realises the insanity of that choice and flees. He tries to calm down in the rooftops. He hears a scream, and dives to the street to stop two muggers in an alley. The mugged woman thanks him. A man asks him the color of his shirt. He doesn't have time to reply (thankfully), because he hears a huge "BOOM" outside.

Foggy Nelson is terrified inside Matt's place, probably because Mr. Hyde is banging on the walls with a van. He came for revenge on Daredevil. Suddenly, a web pulls the van away: Spidey has arrived. As usual, Spidey makes fun of Hyde. Then he flings the van back to Hyde's head. Then Daredevil arrives, and they take turns at beating Hyde until he's KO. They talk a bit, and then leave.

26 days later, Matt Murdock tells Ben Urich that he called a press conference for the next day, and that for the first time, Ben will have to wait to know what will happen. He can't keep their connection, because it may turn dangerous for them both. The next day, at the conference, the first question is made. "Mr. Murdock, are the reports true? Are you the masked vigilante known as Daredevil?" Can you say cliffhanger?

General Comments

Well, all in all, a good issue. Bendis, in his own style, drags every scene for it's maximum extension, so the artist can really show us the emotion in the characters' expressions, and in that aspect, Maleev's gloomy art is the perfect complement for this story. Bendis delves into Daredevil's mind, and really gives us the feeling of what he's going through with the internal monologue. And, of course, Spidey is dead on. A good read. And a good saga. If you have some extra bucks every month, Daredevil is a good title to spend them on.

Overall Rating

Very good stuff.

 Posted: 2004