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Always dresses in white or silver.






125 lbs


Sable is highly skilled in hand to hand combat. In addition, she runs a successful business.


Silver's costume is a synthetic stretch fabric lined with kevlar throughout the torso.


Unbelievably bad taste in men, as witnessed by her ex-husband the Foreigner and Hydra sycophant Dmitri.

Strength Level:

Normal human strength.


Silver Sable carries chias (three-pronged half-moon throwing projectiles), a derringer, and is an expert with all forms of firearms. She has been known to use jet packs to go after flying super- villains. Any weapon she needs but does not currently possess can be manufactured by her company, Silver Sable International.



Created By:

Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Josef Rubinstein

Current Groups:

The Wild Pack

Current Occupation:

Leader of the Wild Pack and of Silver Sable International.

Dual Identity:

Not widely known


College graduate

Former Bases:


Former Groups:

The Outlaws

Former Occupation:


Known Allies:

Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, the Wild Pack, Sandman, Paladin, Deathlok, Prowler, Puma, Rocket Racer, Will O'Wisp

Known Relatives:

Mortimer (uncle), the Foreigner (ex-husband), Anna (niece), Ernst (father), Anastasia (mother, deceased)

Legal Status:

No criminal record

Major Enemies:

The Foreigner, Hobgoblin II, The Sinister Syndicate, any Nazi or Neo-Nazi organization

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Silver Sablinovia, apparently legally changed to Silver Sable

Usual Bases:

The Symkarian Embassy in New York City


Silver Sable (born "Silvija Sablinova”) is a self-described mercenary, specializing in high-cost retrievals of people or objects. She leads a highly-trained, heavily-armed militia group called the Wild Pack. The Wild Pack was started by Silver's father to track down escaped Nazi war criminals, and was not originally meant to be a money-making venture. As a young child, Silver witnessed the murder of her mother after she compromised one of Wild Pack's raids. The experience made her hair turn prematurely silver, and caused her to always hold emotions at bay. After her father's presumed death, Silver took over the Wild Pack and molded it into an elite strike force available to the highest bidder. She has not forgotten the Wild Pack's origins, however, and still goes after organizations she considers threats to freedom.

"After the Fox!"

Silver and Spider-Man first crossed paths when Spider-Man unknowingly rescued the jewel thief Black Fox from the Wild Pack. Fox had stolen a diamond that he expected to fund his retirement, which brought him into conflict with the Pack. While the group did use non-lethal force against him, Spider-Man felt pity for the old man and helped him escape. He did, however, manage to steal back the jewels that the thief had stolen and returned them to Sable. She had considered turning Spider-Man over to the police but soon simply wanted to know more about him. (Amazing Spider-Man #265)

"Savage is the Sable!"

She later asked Spider-Man to work with her as she was hired to "neutralize" Jason Macendale, the Jack O'Lantern. A full page advertisement was taken out in the Daily Bugle asking for his help, much to J. Jonah Jameson's displeasure. The advertisement also drew the attention of Jack O'Lantern, who decided to strike first against Sable before she could enlist Spider-Man. After seeing a street robbery in which a woman and daughter were injured, Sable took it on herself to catch the thief alone. (Bringing the Wild Pack with her would be too expensive for a job in which they weren't getting paid.) Macendale caught wind of her being vulnerable and sent his goons after her in the apartment complex that she found the thief. Silver systematically incapacitated the thugs and fought Macendale to a draw. Jack O'Lantern escaped and the thief was caught, as were many of Macendale's thugs. (Amazing Spider-Man #279)

"The Sinister Syndicate!"

Sable and Spider-Man soon met at Coney Island, where they were attacked by the Sinister Syndicate (Rhino, Speed Demon, the Beetle, Boomerang and Hydro-Man). He agreed to be hired by Silver (despite his initial refusal to fight for money) to help pay for Flash Thompson's legal defense. (At the time, Flash was in jail, accused of being the Hobgoblin.) This brought them to the amusement park, where Jack O'Lantern had said he would meet Silver Sable. Naturally, it was a trap. Spider-Man and Sable were saved from the Syndicate by the timely intervention of the Sandman. After the Syndicate escaped, Sandman was hired as a freelance operative in the Wild Pack, and Spidey didn't get paid as he quit halfway through the fight. (Amazing Spider-Man #280 and #281)

Fifth Reich

At another time, Silver sent the Wild Pack to test out a security system at the behest of Mr. Jason Pruett, a businessman that built a new office complex that he wanted to be the safest in New York. Pruett was satisfied but his assistant, Frank Cruz, was not. He wanted Silver herself to run the gauntlet and she agreed to do it for $100,000. Spider-Man showed up at her New York apartment later, demanding to know why the Wild Pack had attacked him previously. It was simple: they had been hired to do it. Cruz and Pruett then arrived and Spider-Man left, his spider sense giving him a faint tingle when the two men showed up.

That night Silver Sable began her challenge against the security system. While her team had faced non-lethal ammunition previously, little did Silver know but this time the weapons were fully armed. At the same time, Spider-Man went to Cruz's apartment, still bothered by the tingle from his spider sense. Upon searching, he found a secret room containing Nazi paraphernalia. Meanwhile, Silver Sable was dealing with what she thought was silent alarm light beams and managed to maneuver past them, not knowing that they were lasers. Going through the room, Spider-Man found papers showing that "Frank Cruz" was really Franz Kraus, the son of a former Nazi that Silver had captured years ago.

He caught up to her at the building, and stopped her from hitting the button that would shut the system down, out of suspicion that it was a trap. She believed that he must be her final challenge. He eventually convinced her that the button was really a bomb, after removing the paneling. The Wild Pack later disarmed the explosives and Cruz/Kraus fled. Mr. Pruett apologized and paid her the full sum owed, plus a bonus to capture Kraus. Spidey got to swing home by himself. (Amazing Spider-Man #301)

The Wild Pack went after Kraus and his organization but only one of them managed to return with the ability to walk. Silver realized that the situation as much more dangerous than she expected and called in the Sandman to help her. (Amazing Spider-Man #302)

Sable contacted Spider-Man via a newspaper ad and soon had him working with Sandman, despite his discomfort with the idea. Spider-Man was sent to Kraus's headquarters to perform surveillance and there found crates of heroin. He listened in on Kraus telling his co-hort his plan: to sell the drugs with help from the Kingpin and use the profits to buy land in Central America to establish a Nazi state. They also stolen military prototype weapons to provide security until their "Fifth Reich" was established. Spidey reported back to Sable and Sandman, both who immediately went after Kraus. Sandman provided a distraction and Spidey and Sable apprehended the Nazi. (Amazing Spider-Man #303)

"1,000 Words"

Sandman, Sable and Spider-Man met soon after, when pictures of Spider-Man (taken by Nick Katzenberg) robbing a wealthy New Yorker named Winston Walker were published in the Bugle. The photos drew the attention of Puma, Prowler, Will O' the Wisp and Rocket Racer. Puma came looking for revenge, thinking that he had been dishonored in aiding a man in the past that seemed to be a common thief, while Prowler and Rocket Racer sought to prove his innocence. Wisp wanted to turn the wall crawler into the police. They all came together at Ellis Island, where Spider-Man attempted to turn over documents revealing Walker's money laundering for the mob to Silver Sable. After the obligatory melee, the group of super beings went their separate ways. (Web of Spider-Man #50)

“Assassin Nation”

Spider-Man crossed paths with Silver later, after a misunderstanding with one of her operatives, Paladin. Papers left behind by Paladin pointed to him being at the Waldorf Astoria and Peter had Mary Jane use her connections to get them invited to a party there. At the Astoria, Peter sees Paladin with some shady looking characters, later named Drake and Chakane. Spider-Man gets in the way and Drake and Chakane escape. Paladin is unhappy with the web-slinger, and Silver Sable isn't too happy either, when she is revealed to be Paladin's boss. In embarrassment, Spidey agrees to help them for free. (Amazing Spider-Man #320)

Chakane is a foreign operative that is involved in a conspiracy against Symkaria, which could spiral into a larger international incident. Paladin and Spidey later break into a railroad car carrying discs and files on the Life Foundation's business dealings. (Drake worked for the Life Foundation and it was also the same institution that forced Venom to spawn the five symbiotes that eventually became Hybrid.) The notes led the three to Drake, who confessed than an assassin was heading to Symkaria to kill their king. Under promise of being paid $1,000 per day, Spidey agreed to go along, while Paladin had prior engagements. (Amazing Spider-Man #321)

In Symkaria, Spider-Man and Sable were having no luck in find the conspirators, despite the fact that he was right under their noses in the form of Prime Minister Limka. The P.M. wanted to over throw the monarchy, and change the country to a democracy with himself in charge. The next day at an air show during the king's silver anniversary, a group of Ultimatum terrorists attacked the king. This was just a distraction, giving Limka the change to kill the king himself. However, he was cut down by a mysterious figure before he had the chance. Later, a cyanide capsule was found near the body, raising suspicion that the C.I.A. was involved in the death of the Prime Minister and the attempt on the king's life. (Amazing Spider-Man #322)

As tensions between America and Symkaria increased, Captain America was sent to aid in the investigation into the murders. The C.I.A. sent word that the terror cell involved in the assassination attempt was based on the Symkarian/Latverian border and the heroes were soon at the site. They soon realized that they weren't alone, as the mercenary called Solo was already searching for an Ultimatum member called Toler Weil. Weil escaped but information was found at the site that pointed to Sabretooth as the Prime Minister's killer. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Symkaria are on the brink of war. (Amazing Spider-Man #323)

Sable and Cap track Sabretooth to Mexico, where he was seemingly killed in an accidental building collapse. Meanwhile in New York, Solo and Spider-Man capture Weil and turn him in to the police. He wasn't giving details to the plot and time was running out to prevent war. (Amazing Spider-Man #324) Spider-Man, dressed as an Ultimatum terrorist, freed Weil and followed him to the National Archives and his boss, the Red Skull. There the Skull was planning to destroy the precious documents and frame the Symkarians. The resulting war would badly weaken the United States, which would make it easier for the Skull to destroy from the inside. Red Skull escaped and Spider-Man beat up his goons, but managed to find the camera and voice recorder that he had left behind, which recorded the Skull's plan and confession to the murders in Symkaria. War was averted and Silver Sable left a monetary reward for Spider-Man at the Symkarian embassy in New York. (Amazing Spider-Man #325)

"Recouping Losses"

Soon after failing to capture the Human Torch, the Wild Pack tried to make up for the lost bounty by capturing Venom in San Francisco. They found Brock shortly after he killed some muggers, and he quickly destroyed their sonic guns. The tide turned as Sandman joined the fight, holding onto Venom while the Pack fired their sonic guns at them both. Venom was knocked out and Sandman was reduced to rubble, until he re-assembled. It was at that point that a strange black mist covered the group and they were attacked by a group of demons. (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #18)

"My Enemy, My Ally!"

(The demons were all tied into a Doctor Strange story, which was unrelated to events happening with this story.) Venom came to and joined the fight against the monsters, despite Sandman's reluctance to let him help. As the group tried to look over the fog by standing on a bridge's pillar, Sable fell and was saved by Venom. As Brock had kept his end of a bargain to save them, the Wild Pack let him go. (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #19)

“Gun From the Heart!”

Some time later, Sable again contacted Spider-Man through the media. He met her at the Symkarian embassy, where a man named Herschel Sapir has asked Sable to contact Spider-Man for him. They were both looking for the vigilante called Cardiac and Sapir offered Spidey $5,000 to neutralize him. Spider-Man later found Cardiac at New York harbor, where the assassin named Boomerang was waiting for both of them. He had been hired by Justin Hammer to kill the hero that was left standing after they battled each other. Naturally, that didn't work out. (Amazing Spider-Man #345)

”The Bride of Venom”

The Wild Pack took a job hunting Venom, who had kidnapped Peter’s parents. Spider-Man had sought the advice of Brock’s ex-wife, Anne Weying, regarding where to find Venom and his parents. Anne directed him to Brock’s favorite amusement park, Thrill World. She followed Spider-Man to the park, where the Wild Pack soon attacked Venom. Both Spidey and Venom defeated the Wild Pack and then turned on each other. (Amazing Spider-Man #375)

”Fear Itself”

Baroness Heike Zemo hired White Ninja I to steal the Cassidy Crystals, which would help her rule the world. White Ninja defeated Sable and the Wild Pack, who had tried to stop him. Sable enlisted Spider-Man for help and they traveled to Baroness’s castle in Bavaria. Sable went after Baroness while Spidey took on White Ninja, whom had the crystals. The power emitted from the crystals put terrible images into Spidey’s head and he eventually fought them off. When the ninja tried to use them again, Spidey dodged and defeated him. (Spider-Man: Fear Itself)

“Blast From the Past!”

Sable briefly met Ben Reilly while he had taken over as Spider-Man. The Bugle had written a piece suggesting that the man in the tights was not the original Spider-Man, and Sable wanted to know if her former ally had really been replaced. She and Sandman went to investigate. Ben was also at the docks to meet the Human Torch at the Statue of Liberty, where he spotted the Sandman. Marko had changed from the time Ben had remembered him, and was no longer a crook. Reilly didn't know that and he assumed that Marko was there to attack either Spider-Man or the Torch. As Spider-Man and Sandman fought, Silver took note of Spidey's attitude. He was noticeably less experienced, more light hearted and moved differently. In the end, Sable offered to employ Ben in the future, an offer he didn't live long enough to take advantage of. (Amazing Spider-Man #407)


Sandman has been psychologically manipulated by the Wizard to return to crime and he broke into the Davis Gallery to steal an alien artifact. Sable and the Wild Pack were waiting for him and as they fought he explained that being bad was a rush. They hit him with an energy weapon and he fled. Sable was disappointed that he had actually betrayed them and Sandman looked forward to killing her. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2000)

Sometime later, Flint Marko went back to crime. He broke into the Davis Gallery to steal an alien artifact, but Sable was waiting for him. She wanted to know why he left the Wild Pack without so much as an explanation. Simply said, he didn't feel respected by the group and being bad was a rush. The Wild Pack saved Sable's life and Sandman retreated, vowing to kill her next time they met. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2000)


In Miami, a crime ring dealing in cursed weaponry was led by Baron Brimstone. The weapons were cursed by demonic creatures and once a weapon was held it couldn’t be let go of. Holding it too long would destroy the person’s soul. The crime ring was countered by the Heroes for Hire, made up of Misty Knight, Ghost Rider, Paladin, Silver Sable and Satana. Silver held a possessed gun and despite the effect it had on her, she didn’t use it on Brimstone. Instead he was dragged to Hell to answer to the demon that cursed the weapons. (Heroes for Hire (vol. 3) #2)

“I Killed Tomorrow”

Sable was recently a guest of honor in New York City for the first Symkarian Parade. As she rode in the motorcade with mayor J. Jonah Jameson, she noticed Spider-Man swinging overhead. Correctly guessing that where Spider-Man goes trouble follows, she and her guards broke off and followed the web swinger. They helped him apprehend a new band of Ultimatum terrorists, who planned to kill the Symkarians. As thanks, Spidey got a smooch from Sable. (Amazing Spider-Man #679)

“Ends of the Earth”

Sable was also at the emergency G8 meeting of political leaders and scientists to discuss Otto Octavius's threat to destroy the planet via global warming. While the Symkarian P.M. was doubtful of the Avengers ability to stop the Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Sandman, Chameleon, Rhino and Electro), Sable was more optimistic. She trusted them, especially Spider-Man. She still agreed to keep an eye on the Avengers. This was fortunate, as the Avengers were soon defeated by the amped up Six. An invisibility cloaked Sable managed to rescue Spider-Man and Black Widow, and took them to the Sahara where they faced the Sandman. The three defeated him by isolating the particle of sand that acted as his consciousness. (Amazing Spider-Man #684)

From then on, Silver Sable, Spider-Man and Black Widow used Sandman as a captive informant, even using acid to force him to talk. As international opinion fell in favor of Octavius' plan to end global warming, the three heroes became earth's most wanted criminals. Spider-Man sent a desperate radio call from Sable's air ship to anyone who was willing to join them against the Sinister Six, asking them to take his word over Dr Octopus. Sable chimed in, adding her endorsement of Spider-Man. Sandman eventually told them the location of one of Ock's bases: Symkaria. After the group arrived, they were stunned to see the nation in flames, seemingly destroyed by Octopus's satellites. (Amazing Spider-Man #685)

Doctor Octopus then arrived to finish them off, but the furious Sable tried to kill him with an explosive device. It was found that it was Chameleon again, posing as Octavius in a battle suit and that Symkaria hadn't been destroyed. Mysterio had tricked them with an illusion. After Spider-Man made Mysterio realize that the $2 billion he earned would be useless if Octavius fried the planet, he led them to the Sinister Six's base in Guatemala. After the Octopus-controlled Avengers were defeated, Sable and Spider-Man took on the Rhino in Ock's under water base. Rhino grabbed Sable and refused to let her go, saying they were both going to drown in the flooding base. Forced to leave Sable behind to stop Octavius, Spider-Man didn't have time to save her. She and the Rhino were left behind as the base imploded. (Amazing Spider-Man #687)

“Ends of the Earth Epilogue”

Later, Spider-Man is talking to Captain America about Silver Sable. He worked with her and Doctor Strange against Doctor Doom. Doom had become engaged to a Symkarian princess who was born with great magical potential. Her father didn't believe in magic and ignored Strange's insistence to keep her away from Victor von Doom. Dr Strange had hired Sable to bring the princess to New York to marry Spider-Man, whom she had a crush on for years. What Strange didn't tell Princess Lenka was that she needed to...consummate the marriage with Spider-Man. The princess wasn't interested in Spidey in that way, and the physical act and true love was necessary to make her useless to Doom.

The princess told them about a boy that she loved that she had sent to New York to keep him safe from Doom. Spidey went to get the lucky guy while Strange and Sable kept Lenka safe from her fiance. Victor showed up at the Symkarian Embassy to stop the wedding and Sable managed to hold him off while Lenka was made useless for Doom. After Doom left, Sable asked Strange for payment to repair the Embassy and he was unable to do so. In the spirit of the wedding, Sable waived the fee. Spider-Man explained to Cap that Silver was brave, tough and only pretended to be all about the money. Sometimes she put it all on the line for love. (Avenging Spider-Man #8)

Spider-Man became brutally angry with criminals after Sable was left behind. He was threatening to put Michael Morbius down for good, until Julia Carpenter arrived to tell him that Sable was still alive. (Amazing Spider-Man #690)

"The Osborn Identity"

During a mission to find Norman Osborn in Hong Kong, Spider-Man and Mockingbird noticed a sniper rifle floating in midair on a rooftop. Across the street was a rooftop party hosted by The Uncle Ben Foundation. Spi,der-Man noticed that the shooter was a woman using stealth technology to become invisible. Spidey was able to short out the stealth with his electrified webbing and was stunned to see Silver Sable alive. She cursed him for saving Osborn's life. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 4) #25)

After Osborn escaped with his flying accomplices, Sable, Spider-Man and Mockingbird gave chase. Mockingbird was forced to pull back by Nick Fury, via a radio communicator. He informed her that she was out of her jurisdiction and S.H.E.I.L.D. could not afford to anger the Chinese government. Sable had been following Osborn around the world and told Spider-Man that he should also leave Norman to her. After over powering one of Osborn's goons, she flew his device after her target and to his hideout. Little did Sable and Spider-Man know, but Norman had set them up and was hosting an auction for his new military technology. They destroyed the glide cycles but were next faced by a machine called Kingslayer Mark 1. The duo eventually destroyed the walking tank but Osborn had again escaped. However, Sable had noticed he had been accompanied by a Symkarian named Countess Katarina Karkov. Sable told Spider-Man that all of Norman Osborn's new technology was being built in Symkaria. Osborn and the Countess had turned her country into a weapons manufacturing haven and had reduced the quality of life of her countrymen. She couldn't afford to pay him, but Spidey assured her that he was the one with money now. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 4) #26)

"Absolute Carnage"

Sable and the Wild Pack were hired by Vulpe Communications as a security force, which was helpful when a pair of monsters controlled by Carnage attacked Jonah Jameson, who was pitching an autobiography. Some of the Wild Pack were killed and Sable held off the creatures with some kind of energy sword. One of the creatures was Miles Morales, controlled by the Carnage symbiote. He made himself run away, and the other creature followed him in confusion. Miles was able to communicate with the other man inside the other portion of Carnage symbiote but the talk was cut short when he was shot by Sable. The symbiotes regained control of their hosts and went after Sable and Jameson. Sable fought back but was beaten and Jameson was bitten by Miles. (Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #2)

Miles gained control long enough to use his venom blast against the symbiote, which separated from him. Sable carried Jonah on her shoulder to a hospital. She reminded him that she didn't work for him but as a guest of Vulpe Communications, she was obliged to help him. After he asked if she would work for him, she replied he couldn't afford her. She then left him to check ahead to see if the going was clear. (Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #3)

”Point Blank”

While Spider-Man and his spy sister, Teresa, were dealing with the Chameleon they learned that Sable was slowly dying. Chameleon had attempted to sell the “Infinity Formula” to the Foreigner after it had been stolen from S.H.E.I.L.D. Little did Spidey and Teresa know but Foreigner was romantically involved with Sable and was getting the formula to save her life. They learned that when she escaped from the Rhino, she had been more badly injured than she had let on. She had expected to die alone on the ocean until Foreigner saved her. (He had placed a tracking device on her that even she didn’t know about.) She had been kept under 24/7 medical attention but had learned to use a robot avatar to still act as a mercenary.

She told them that her rival, Countess Kharkov, was still using Symkaria to manufacture WMD as she had when working with Norman Osborn. The kingdom of Latveria was to the north of Symkaria and was led by Victor von Doom. Doom didn’t like that Symkaria’s military strength had increased so drastically and border skirmishes began to intensify. Countess Kharkov was going to use the war to strengthen her grip on the country. Spider-Man and Teresa left. She was more concerned about capturing the Chameleon and Peter was going to mind his own business. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 5) #33)

”Time After Time”

Spider-Man, Teresa, Chameleon and technology from Spider-Man 2099 managed to defeat Dr. Doom. Later, Sable was visited in her hospital room by Kharkov, who gloated that everything worked out well. She had hired the Hitman to shoot Doom with a spyware bullet. The bullet hit a Doombot, and hacked into Doom’s infrastructure. He lost control of his military and rather that admit that he had lost control, he silently accepted war with Symkaria. International support for the Symkarians was pouring in from around the world. Kharkov was glad to hear the Infinity Formula was working so well for her. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 5) #36)

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