Hobgoblin I (Kingsley)

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 Posted: 2002
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Blue or gray, depending on who is doing the coloring.


May actually be his older, balding brother impersonating him; you always want to tug on the hair and see if there's a hairpiece involved!








The ability to maintain his balance while riding that glider thingy (hey, that always impressed me!)


The vertical-thrust goblin glider, which was powered by a miniature turbo-fan. It could go up to 90 miles per hour and support 400 pounds.


Over-confidence. And an unshakable belief in his own sanity when he was clearly tottering on the edge of insanity.


None other than super-human strength.

Strength Level:

"Nearly" that of Spider-Man's.


Jack O'Lantern bombs, razor-edged bat-wings, and gloves capable of conducting pulses of electricity upwards of 10,000 volts.



Created By:

Roger Stern, John Romita, Jr., John Romita__Sr.

Current Occupation:

Convicted Criminal

Dual Identity:




Former Aliases:

None, although he was often impersonated by his brother Daniel

Former Occupation:

Fashion Designer, Corporate Head

Known Allies:

Ned Leeds, under brainwashing. Donovan (Hobgoblin II). The Rose, under the assumption he was dealing with Ned Leeds.

Known Confidants:

Just Daniel, who didn't always appreciate it!

Known Relatives:

Daniel Kingsley, older brother

Legal Status:

Criminal record

Major Enemies:

Spider-Man, Betty Brant

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Roderick Kingsley

Usual Bases:

New York City


Spider-Man's first encounter with Roderick Kingsley certainly gave him no reason to think that the scrawny man would become a persistent enemy over the course of years. Peter Parker witnessed a robbery of neo-atropine at Empire State University and managed to toss a spider tracer onto one of the escaping thugs. Later, while searching for the tracer as Spider-Man, he found Kingsley working at his desk . The tingling of his spider sense got stronger as the same goons from the robbery burst through Kingsley's door and a woman calling herself Belladonna entered. The woman came for revenge against Roderick, claiming he had stolen even fashion idea he ever had from her. Spidey arrived to stop her but she and the crooks escaped, as the gas that had been stolen was used as a weapon. Spidey took Kingsley to the rooftop to escape the fumes. The webhead didn't get any thanks, as Kingsley chewed him out for ruining his studio. Spider-Man webbed him to a rooftop chimney, telling him that the webbing would dissolve in an hour or two.

The next day, Peter got more information on Roderick from a Daily Globe reporter, Sandy Jones. She told him that Kingsley reportedly was known for stealing fashion designs and had driven a dozen small European cosmetics companies out of business so he could start his own Kingsley Fragrances. (Roderick owned Kingsley International, a company that started out in fashion and cosmetics and branched out into publishing and electronics. (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #2)) Even fashion photographers wanted nothing to do with him, as they had "bad dealings" with him. Jones mentioned that Kingsley was having a fashion show that night, and Peter decided he would go see it. At the show, the fashions that Kingsley wanted to reveal had been replaced by torn burlap sacks. Belladonna then showed up, claiming that it was all poetic justice and proceeded to rob the attendants of the show. Belladonna was about to take her revenge on Kingsley when Spidey showed up and she fled. (Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #43)

A week later, Spider-Man was again dealing with Belladonna and her ally, Prowler II. Putting two and two together that Belladonna was Desiree Vaughn-Pope, he confronted her at her penthouse. Her sister, Narda Ravanna, clued him in on their past with Rod Kingsley and that Desiree was going to meet with Kingsley as they spoke. Spider-Man went to prevent her attack on Kingsley and Narda, pleased by her fooling the web head, gave Roderick a phone call as Belladonna. She told him that Spider-Man was now her ally and was coming to kill him. A trembling Kingsley waited for Spider-Man to arrive with a pistol and opened fire when a figure in a Spider-Man costume crashed through his sky-light. He only shot a dummy in a Spider-Man costume but the shots alerted the nearby police and he was taken into custody for questioning. (Spectacular Spider-Man #48)

Several months passed, and Peter, Aunt May and Nathan Lubensky were nearly run over by a group of fleeing bank robbers. Peter went after them as Spider-Man and one of the crooks escaped into an industrial park. Spidey had him cornered until the crook escaped down a sewer manhole...which happened to lead under Osborn Manufacturing. Spidey didn't feel like chasing the hooligan into the sewer and let him go. Under the Osborn building, the crook (named Georgie Hill) stumbled upon a secret room filled with Green Goblin costumes, journals and equipment. Later that night, Georgie took a silhouetted man (Kingsley) to the hideout and helped him move the items into a truck. The man told Georgie to get rid of the truck, then blew it up with a remote control as Georgie drove away. Afterward, the man re-dyed the Green Goblin costume, made other alterations and proclaimed himself the Hobgoblin. (Amazing Spider-Man #238)

Soon there were break ins at Osborn Manufacturing buildings all over New Jersey. Donald Menken and Harry Osborn were surprised to see that all of the looting had taken place in storage rooms not known to anyone. Peter also learned of the robberies and started checking buildings that hadn't been hit yet. At the last one, he found Hobgoblin ransacking the building. Hobby tried to escape and Spidey gave chase, eventually crashing Hobgoblin's jet glider into a road construction site. One of Hobby's hand blasts tore open a gas pipe and he escaped as Spider-Man stopped the free flow of gas. As he escaped, a battered and bruised Hobgoblin promised that once he found out how the Green Goblin had managed to go toe to toe with Spider-Man for so many years, he would be able to do the same. (Amazing Spider-Man #239)

The robberies of Osborn buildings continued, even though the new crimes were committed by men with trucks and not by the Hobgoblin himself. Spider-Man checked out the police file on the break ins at Captain Jean DeWolff's office and found that only documents regarding chemical storage had been taken. At that moment a police officer outside of DeWolff's office mentioned to another cop that a break in was in progress at an Osborn chemical storage warehouse. Spider-Man quickly arrived at the scene and apprehended the thugs but the pumpkin bomb tossing man in the getaway truck escaped. During the police interrogation, the goons revealed that they had been hired legitimately to move crates of unknown materials from the warehouse to the truck. The only one who knew what the crates contained was their boss, Arnold Donovan. (Amazing Spider-Man #244)

After Donovan was framed and murdered by Kingsley, Roderick managed to replicate the strength enhancing Green Goblin formula for himself. After administering the compound, he decided it was time to test its effectiveness by killing Spider-Man. He came upon the web swinger and the Black Cat as they were out for a swing over New York City. Cat had just told him that she didn't really have any super powers and that her "bad luck" abilities were just carefully staged tricks. This made Spidey protective of her after the Hobgoblin tried to carry her away. Spidey forced Hobby to drop her but the Goblin managed to tear a corner of a rooftop away and toss it at the web head. Spider-Man faked an injury and as Hobgoblin was about to finish him off, the Black Cat jumped in and foiled Spidey's ambush. The Hobgoblin left them, mocking their incompetence. (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #85)

Kingsley made good use of Norman Osborn's journals, using the information that Osborn's wealthy friends had told him to blackmail them. Many rich men were threatened, from J. Jonah Jameson (regarding the role that he played in the Scorpion's creation) to Harry Osborn (his father's secret life as the Green Goblin) to Daniel Kingsley, Roderick's own identical twin brother. Harry refused to be put into a corner and punched Hobgoblin in the face...not realizing the the man giving demands to the assembled group was really a robot. The real Hobgoblin then arrived, and said he had used the robot to weed out the trouble makers. Spider-Man showed and the resulting fight took them into the country club's dining hall, where Wilson Fisk was having his dinner. While watching the fight, the mafia lord decided that Hobgoblin was a capable person and might be a threat to his organization. He prevented Hobgoblin from killing a drugged Spider-Man and then tossed one of the vigilante's dropped spider tracers onto the escaping Goblin's flying glider. (Amazing Spider-Man #249)

The gas that Hobgoblin used against Spider-Man didn't only slow his reflexes but also removed his spider sense. Without it, he had no way to track the tracer on the glider. It was only after finding the tracking receiver on the floor of his closet that he was able to hunt down Hobgoblin at his warehouse hideout. The ensuing fight left the warehouse destroyed and Hobgoblin tried to escape in a battle van. He careened across New York, ramming the van into a tavern to try and smash Spider-Man (who was riding on the front hood) against the glass window. When Spidey even escaped that trap, he managed to pull the safety hatch off the van and get inside. Hobgoblin lost control of the van and it went roaring over Pier 83 and into the Hudson River. The river water short circuited the van's self destruct device and Spider-Man barely escaped before it exploded. Searching the scene later, all Spider-Man found was Hobgoblin's mask. (Amazing Spider-Man #249 and #250)

Spider-Man believed that the Hobgoblin was dead but he survived and took the clothes from a drunk homeless man as a disguise. He arrived at another warehouse hideout but he had been followed there from the water front by Ned Leeds, whom had been assigned to find out more about the Hobgoblin for the Daily Bugle. Ned was captured and subjected to a brain washing machine and forced to work for Kingsley. (This was the same brain washing machine used on Captain George Stacy by the Kingpin years prior.) From that point onward, Kingsley used Ned as a stand in for more dangerous crimes. (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3)

Under Kingsley's mind control, Ned become the Hobgoblin and convinced Richard Fisk to become the mafia boss named The Rose. Hobgoblin's plan was to have Richard attack his father's, Wilson, criminal empire and gain from the Kingpin's downfall. Kingsley even had Ned unmask for Richard as a show of trust. (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3) Roderick still enjoyed being Hobgoblin and started demanding protection money from low level gangsters and casino owners. (This was clearly Roderick behind the mask, as he had the enhanced strength to take on mob goons bare handed. Ned was never exposed to the Green Goblin formula.) Hobgoblin and the Rose were hoping to assimilate the casinos and gangs in New York until they could match the Kingpin. (Amazing Spider-Man #259)

Around this same time, Hobgoblin gained an unwanted rival in another criminal, named Jason Macendale, that called himself the Jack O'Lantern. After the police recovered the destroyed battle van from the Hudson River, it was hijacked by Jack O'Lantern and his thugs. (Amazing Spider-Man #254) Soon after, Hobgoblin attacked Harry Osborn in his office at Osborn Manufacturing. He demanded that Harry hand over his father's remaining journals when Spider-Man arrived on a hunch that Harry would be Goblin's next target. As Hobgoblin and Spider-Man fought, agents of the Rose were kidnapping Mary Jane Watson and Liz Osborn as insurance that Harry would be cooperative. Hobgoblin escaped and Harry decided to take matters into his own hands to protect his wife and unborn son, Normie Osborn. (Amazing Spider-Man #260)

After Harry found one last journal, Hobgoblin kidnapped him and took him to the hideout where he was holding Mary Jane and Liz. Spidey followed the Goblin back to his hideout and caught up to them just in time to prevent Kingsley from killing the hostages. Harry stumbled into one of Hobgoblin's storage rooms as he tried to escape and confronted the criminal with his own weapons. Hobby thoroughly thrashed Harry and he was saved by Spidey. Meanwhile, Mary Jane and Liz were trapped by a spreading fire and Spidey left Hobgoblin to go save them. Hobgoblin escaped and was later furious that the journal that Harry brought him was useless, as he knew everything that it told. (Amazing Spider-Man #261)

Some time later, the Hobgoblin was anxious to test out a new weapon. A chest plate on his costume that fired his hand blaster in random patterns that even Spider-Man's spider sense couldn't detect. Hobby made his move at the Port Authority and kidnapped a random woman, who turned out to be Sha Shan, the girlfriend of Flash Thompson. The news media reported on the story and Spidey was soon there to save her. Sha Shan was rescued and Hobgoblin escaped Spider-Man, with the random fire hand blaster being a disappointment. Flash showed up at the hospital later to see Sha Shan and when a TV reporter asked him to comment on the Hobgoblin, Flash called him a "creep and a coward." Both Roderick and Ned saw the news report and one of them responded by kidnapping Flash and framing him as the Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin paraphernalia was left in his apartment and Flash was captured by Spider-Man while wearing the costume. (Amazing Spider-Man #275 and #276)

While Flash was in prison, he was nearly killed by a masked gunman who had been gunning down many New York criminals. He was stopped by Spider-Man, who had been visiting Flash. (Amazing Spider-Man #278) Not long after the attempt on Flash's life, he was broken out of prison by the Jack O'Lantern, thinking that he was rescuing the Hobgoblin. "Jack" if he could pull that crime off, the job offers from the crime families would come pouring in. The Rose broke the news of Thompson's escape to the real Hobgoblin, who wasn't too happy to hear it. Flash being in jail took the heat off of Kingsley, and his freedom could lead to questions. He found Flash at Jack O'Lanterns hideout and the two villains clashed. The fight went outside and Flash used the opportunity to escape. Hobgoblin accused "Jack" of trying to horn in on his action in the underworld. Both crooks left the fight to lick their wounds, both promising the other that they would meet again. (Amazing Spider-Man #281)

Hobgoblin laid low until it was time for the gang war against Wilson Fisk. At a meeting with the Rose, he promised that the fact that Jack O'Lantern was working with the Arranger was a minor problem. He would teach him to fear the Hobgoblin. After leaving the meeting, Hobgoblin crossed paths with the Punisher and mistook him for Spider-Man. The gun toting vigilante opened fire on Hobgoblin, nearly killing him. (Amazing Spider-Man #284) Surviving the Punisher's attack, Hobgoblin realized that his entrance into the Gang War changed the situation in a way he didn't like. Fighting the Punisher would be too much of a distraction for him, taking his attention off of his ultimate goal. (Just the biography writer's personal opinion: This is most likely where Kingsley forced Ned to take his place as the Hobgoblin. The situation was getting progressively more violent and unpredictable, so he used Ned to take all the risk.) The Punisher struck again, while all of the warring mobsters were at a meeting. Spider-Man deflected the rocket propelled grenade that the Punisher fired at the crowd, causing one of the Kingpin's goons to try and kill the Arranger. Rose ordered Hobgoblin to save him and an alliance was formed between Rose and Arranger...and Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern. (Amazing Spider-Man #285)

Whether it was Kingsley or Leeds behind the mask, it all went bad again between Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern when Spider-Man arrived at the scene of the final meeting between the crime bosses. Hobgoblin wanted to kill the web swinger and Jack refused. Spider-Man was one of the toughest guys that Jack O'Lantern had ever faced and he refused to fight him. He fled the flight, leaving Hobgoblin alone with the arachnid. (Amazing Spider-Man #286) Hobby escaped but swore bloody revenge on Jack O'Lantern. (Amazing Spider-Man #288) Jack O'Lantern rightfully feared for his life and put a contract out on Hobgoblin. Kingsley had grown bored with being Hobgoblin (so he claimed) and set up Ned to take his fall. Ned was killed by the assassins that Macendale hired and the costume and weapons of the Hobgoblin were sent back to Macendale, who used them to become Hobgoblin IV. (Amazing Spider-Man #289)

"Hobgoblin Lives"

Roderick Kingsley retired from costumed crime for many years, until Macendale was captured by Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) after one of their many battles. When asked to confirm a rumor that he had not been the original Hobgoblin, Macendale told the reporter that Ned Leeds had been the first person to use that name. This caused a furor in the media and Kingsley became concerned that the fact that Leeds had been connected to the Hobgoblin could lead back to him. He snuck into the prison where Macendale was being held and killed him in his cell. Back at Daniel Kingsley's apartment, the Hobgoblin told him they were business partners again and that he would need Daniel's help regarding his take over of Osborn Industries. (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1)

Roderick paid a visit to his inside man at Osborn Industries, Donald Menken. They were discussing their plans for the dummy corporations they planned to use to plan a fake take over bid, Kingsley International would rush into buy Osborn Industries first. Menken got a call at that moment from George Vandergill, another wealthy industrialist, who claimed to know all about Menken's plans. Later, the Hobgoblin arrived at Vandergill's factory in the Hudson Valley. The attack killed Vandergill and forty people at the plant. Ned Leeds' widow, Betty Brant, went on live TV with a story that she had evidence that her husband was innocent of being the Hobgoblin. The real deal was waiting for her outside the TV studio but as Spider-Man had been following Betty as a guard, and a quick battle ended with Spider-Man dumped into the East River. (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #2)

Hobgoblin, thinking Spider-Man was dead, went to Betty's apartment and kidnapped her to find out more about her alleged proof of Ned's innocence. Just before he left, Hobby a TV news report that showed video proof that Spider-Man, while injured and shaken, had survived the electrocution and fall into the river. Back at his hideout, Hobgoblin scanned Betty's unconscious body to check for spider tracers, which he found and had "Roderick" place in far away locations. Upon her awakening, Betty agreed to give Hobgoblin her proof of Ned's innocence, on the condition that he tell her everything that happened to her late husband. He told her about the brain washings, the partnership with the Rose, framing Flash Thompson and ultimately sending Ned to his death. "Roderick" showed up and demanded that Hobgoblin stop the kidnappings and killings and Hobgoblin said he would have to kill Betty now that Kingsley had been seen by her. Spider-Man then showed up and unmasked Hobgoblin, revealing Roderick Kingsley. The man that Hobgoblin had been speaking with was his brother, Daniel, made to look like Roderick. Later, Kingsley was arrested and sent to the very same jail cell that Macendale had been killed in. (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3)

"Goblins at the Gate"

Kingsley didn't stay in jail for long. Norman Osborn had been found to be alive despite everyone believing he had died years ago after killing Gwen Stacy. Norman went on the talk show circuit to prove that he was innocent of the Green Goblin's crimes. Kingsley was enraged to see Osborn free to enjoy his wealth and power while he rotted in an electrified prison cell. He demanded to see his lawyer and told him that he had one last journal of Osborn's that proved Norman was the Green Goblin. He would give it to the District Attorney for a plea bargain. However, Norman had spies all over and they immediately reported to him that Kingsley was trying to make a deal with the D.A. Kingsley was being moved to a secure location to speak with the District Attorney when he was kidnapped by the Green Goblin. The duo escaped, despite Spider-Man's efforts. Soon, Roderick was face to face with Norman Osborn...and his stand-in Green Goblin. (Spectacular Spider-Man #259)

Norman took Kingsley back to his hideout at the MultiVex Corporation and they discussed the whereabouts of the journal. Kingsley tried to play on Norman's vanity all the while, telling him that he was an inspiration, for both his exploits in and out of costume. Norman didn't buy it and demanded the journal. Kingsley told him that Daniel had it and that he would release it to the public if anything happened to Roderick. Norman eventually agreed to let Kingsley get his brother and the journal as the Hobgoblin...but had the proxy Green Goblin follow him with orders to kill both Kingsleys. Daniel was being held in protective custody but Hobgoblin quickly overpowered the guards. Spider-Man delayed Hobgoblin from taking his brother but he was hit by a tranquilizer dart from the Green Goblin. Hobgoblin wasn't happy that his victory had been taken from him but he did see an opportunity in unmasking the unconscious webhead. (Spectacular Spider-Man #260)

The Goblins took Daniel and Spider-Man back to Osborn's hideout, after the Green Goblin prevented Hob from unmasking Spider-Man. Kingsley was still eager to learn Spider-Man's identity but Norman told him "Don't waste my time with such insignificant matters, Kingsley! I want this journal situation resolved--immediately!" Kingsley suddenly realized that Norman already knew Spider-Man's secret and that he wouldn't share it with anyone. Norman accused him of lying about having one of his old journals and Kingsley confessed to it. Norman then told him that he had taken control of Kingsley International and merged it into Osborn Industries. Kingsley stammered his amazement that Osborn could have managed the corporate merger so quickly and Osborn simply replied "I'm Norman Osborn." In the ensuing fight, Norman knocked Kingsley off his glider and tossed away his pumpkin bombs, which started a fire. All of the Goblins escaped when Spider-Man rescued a group of firefighters from a collapsing wall. In the end, Kingsley lost control of his company and was a wanted fugitive but he managed to keep his secret Swiss Bank Account and retired to Isla Suerte. (Spectacular Spider-Man #261)

"Big Time"

Years later, Daniel Kingsley was killed by Phil Urich in New York while looting another of Norman Osborn's hideouts. (Amazing Spider-Man #649) Some time later, a man calling himself Devil Spider was clearing out some drug runners from his territory in the Central American country of Delvadia (the home country of Tarantula I). An underling informed him that Daniel had been killed before he could really start as the Hobgoblin and that an impostor had been using the equipment. Roderick unmasked and promised that this new Hobgoblin had better watch his back. (Amazing Spider-Man #691)

He arrived in New York and soon set about locating the usurper Hobgoblin, using the Goblin's own GPS equipment in the flying bat-camera to find him. He captured the bat camera and used it to find Phil's apartment, where he hid his Hobgoblin costume and equipment. Roderick was unimpressed with Phil, especially after he learned that his whole motivation behind entering a criminal life was to get closer to Norah Winters. Roderick challenged Phil at Shadowland, the Kingpin's stronghold. Both Fisk and Kingsley wanted Norman Osborn's "Goblin key," which held all of Osborn's secrets as the Green Goblin and as Director of H.A.M.M.E.R. As the Hobgoblins fought, Peter Parker and Max Modell escaped with the key and Fisk ordered the Goblins to get it back or face his wrath. (Amazing Spider-Man #696)

Kingsley and Urich chased Max and Peter to Norman Osborn's hideout, where Peter was able to make a makeshift flying board to take on the Hobgoblins. (A Spider-Man costume was at the hideout, which Osborn had been throwing razor bats at.) Spider-Man managed to keep the Hobgoblins from reaching Osborn's secret stash long enough for Max to blow it up. Roderick sent a bat-pod to kill Norah, but she was saved in time, again by Max. Spider-Man left the Hobgoblins to fight it out but Roderick quickly overpowered Phil, forcing him into a bargain: Phil stayed the Hobgoblin and Kingsley got a cut of his profits sent to a Swiss bank account. Later, in Paris, Kingsley tells his servant that he is ready to expand his super villain franchise business into Russia. (Amazing Spider-Man #697)

The first identity that he stole and sold was that of Mysterio, who had been left behind in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe. The new Mysterio (who accidentally referred to himself as "Mysterion") faced Spider-Man (Octavius) during his first bank robbery. The new Mysterio fled the enraged Superior Spider-Man as well as the Punisher, leading them both right to Kingsley. Hobby tried to escape but crashed his glider into a building and was webbed up. He forced Spider-Man to go save "Mysterion" from the Punisher and by the time Octavius returned, Kingsley had escaped. (Avenging Spider-Man #22)

"Superior Spider-Man"

Kingsley was also keeping tabs on Urich, making sure that he made his payments on time. When Phil said he was a little short on cash, Roderick told him to go rob some banks. Phil had to rob quite a few of them to gain what he owed his boss and all of the activity drew the attention of Spider-Man. (Superior Spider-Man #15) This caused Urich to be captured by Spider-Man, then broken out of police custody by Menace and turned over to the Green Goblin (also called the Goblin King). (Superior Spider-Man #16) It was found that Kingsley sold the identity of the Crime Master to a new thug, who ended up defeated by Agent Venom and Spider-Man. (Superior Spider-Man #22) He also sold the identity and costume of the Grizzly to a new criminal, who called himself the Bruin. The Bruin was fooled into giving Kingsley's cut of a robbery to the Goblin King, who was dressed as the Hobgoblin. Roderick was not happy about this, and raged that so many of his franchises had been captured so soon. (Superior Spider-Man #24)

Soon enough, Bruin, Devil-Spider and Blaze were also out of commission. Kingsley soon called in Steeplejack, Tumbler, and Ringer to make extra cash while Spider-Man (who was under the influence of the Venom symbiote) was busy battling the Avengers. These three were quickly beaten by Menace and the new villain allied with the Goblin King: Monster. Steeplejack was killed by the Goblin Knight (Phil Urich), who sent a message to his former boss via a camera feed on Steeplejack's costume. Kingsley contacted Urich, who gave the message to the Goblin King. Soon the two criminals were agreeing to fight it out. (Superior Spider-Man #25)

"Goblin Nation"

They met at the ruined OsCorp site, both men with goons to spare. Green Goblin called a ceasefire mid-battle, and challenged Hobgoblin to fight one on one. Hobgoblin was overpower and seemingly killed by his rival. Green Goblin took over his gang, finally satisfied that he had a real army. Urich stayed behind, to check that the dead Hobgoblin was really Kingsley. Upon removing the mask, another man's face was revealed. He decided to destroy the body, to guarantee his new boss's claim over Kingsley's men. Back in Paris, Kingsley was using the Winkler device to brainwash a new imposter to become the Hobgoblin. For now he would lay low and let the Green Goblin have his victory. He would be back. (Superior Spider-Man #26)

"Axis: Hobgoblin"

When the Red Skull took control of the brain of Charles Xavier, he gained Xavier's physic powers and became Red Onslaught. He attacked the mutant nation of Genosha with the help of two adamantium Sentinels created by Iron Man. The X-Men and Avengers were soon overwhelmed, but Magneto soon arrived with an unlikely villain army to battle Red Onslaught. Among these killers were Hobgoblin, Carnage, Enchantress, Mystique, Loki, Doctor Doom, Absorbing Man, Deadpool, Sabretooth and Jack O'Lantern VI. Hobgoblin focused on the Sentinels, until an Inversion spell cast by Dr. Doom and the freed Scarlet Witch tried to give control of Red Onslaught's mind to Xavier. Red Skull was defeated, but the villains were mysteriously returned to their places of origin. Their personalities had also been changed from evil to good. (Axis #3)

Roderick Kingsley changed his business plan from creating super criminals to super vigilantes. He became a sort of self help mogul, helping the down and out reinvent themselves as super heroes. He had a Three Step Program to re-create average people into vigilantes of their choice for a small fee at each step, as well as Hobgoblin merchandise.

Phil Urich was still free as the other Hobgoblin, and still hated his old boss. His plan to remove him involved Lily Hollister, aka Menace. Urich and Hollister had agreed that if either of them were ever captured, they would free the other. He soon freed her from a police transport, but she lost her memory in the attack and washed up on a river bank. Seeing one of Kingsley's ads, she arrived at his auditorium and was ushered in by Roderick's doorman. (Axis: Hobgoblin #1)


Kingsley returned, demanding that Norman return the corporate empire that he had stolen years before. Despite Peter’s initial expectations, Norman agreed to return control of Kingsley’s company and ask for forgiveness. (Norman had gained a conscience after being shot by the resurrected Sin Eater’s shotgun.) He and Peter agreed to meet with Kingsley on Thursday night…but Kingsley and Osborn met on Wednesday. Even Kingsley was surprised at how easily Norman turned over the paperwork. They were both startled to hear the sound of a glider above them and soon Kingsley’s bodyguards were dead. Both men were confronted by a Hobgoblin riding Kingsley’s glider. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #11)

”Spun Out”

Hobgoblin raided a warehouse full of technology from the Beyond corporation. He was trying to shake the psychological influence of the Queen Goblin and killed a group of thugs trying to steal the same equipment. The machine in question could influence a person’s memories. He began to leave when he was stopped by Spider-Man and Tiana Toomes, who called herself Starling. (She’s the granddaughter of Adrian Toomes.) During the fight, the building collapsed and Spider-Man and Starling were separated. His spider senses had become unreliable, leaving him unaware that Hobgoblin was right behind him. (Miles Morales: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #8)

His sense came back at the last moment and combined with combat training from Misty Knight, he dodged Hobgoblin’s attack. Meanwhile Hobgoblin rambled about getting her voice out of his head. He even wondered why Spider-Man would help Beyond, as he knew what they had done to him. They were evenly matched until Starling arrived with a robot called G.A.R.E. (Guided Asset Recovery Engine.) Hobgoblin escaped after seemingly blowing himself up. After using the stolen machine to clear his mind, he declared war on Queen Goblin. (Miles Morales: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #9)

”Gang War”

The New York gangs all went to war with each other and Hobgoblin had territory in Brooklyn. Spider-Man was a problem and Hobgoblin hired the Prowler to take care of it. (Miles Morales: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #13)

Prowler hired the Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Montana and Ox), offering them a chance to be taken seriously. They said they’d rather take him out and take over Brooklyn when Hobgoblin arrived. Prowler showed them some new technology and they agreed to work for them. Later, Hobgoblin regretted that Taskmaster hadn’t joined them but he was one less goon to keep under control. He sent the group out against Spider-Man and his group as someone needed time to perfect her prototypes. (Miles Morales: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #14)

Hobgoblin took on Daredevil as he was preventing a kidnapping of a group of street kids. Hobgoblin regretted having never tormented the original Daredevil and was sad he’d have to kill the new one so quickly. (Matt Murdock had faked his death and was going by a new name.) Hobgoblin’s pumpkin bombs threw off Daredevil’s senses and he used the opportunity to blow a hole into te train tracks that was taking away the kidnapped kids. Daredevil followed the train car underground as Hobgoblin pelted him with razor bats. Hobgoblin was knocked from his glider but Daredevil was immediately attacked by Sabretooth. The mutant considered him boring and tossed him back to Hobgoblin, who hit him with a glove blast and threw him into a wall. When Matt woke up, he was out of costume and chained up with the Mole Man. (Daredevil Black Armor #2)

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Jun 1980 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #43
  First as Kingsley
Nov 1980 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #48
Mar 1983 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #238
  First Appearance as Hobgoblin
Apr 1983 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #239
Sep 1983 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #244
  Search for Osborn Formula
Oct 1983 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #245
Dec 1983 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #85
  Gains Super-Powers
Feb 1984 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #249
  Secrets, Confessions, Endings
Mar 1984 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #250
Apr 1984 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #251
Dec 1984 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #259
  First shown working with The Rose
Jan 1985 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #260
Feb 1985 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #261
Apr 1986 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #275
  Flash Thompson accused of being Hobgoblin
May 1986 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #276
Jun 1986 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #277 (Story 1)
Jul 1986 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #278
Jan 1987 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #284
  Gang War, Hobgoblin vs. Jack'O'Lantern
Feb 1987 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #285
Mar 1987 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #286
Apr 1987 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #287
May 1987 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #288
Aug 1987 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #29
  Presumed murdered; almost 10 years later, it was announced that it was really his brother, Daniel, who was shot; and that Daniel wasn't killed, just hurt really, really badly.
Jan 1997 App: Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1
Feb 1997 App: Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #2
Apr 1997 App: Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3
Jul 1998 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #259
  Broken out of jail by Green Goblin V, a lackey of Norman Osborn
Aug 1998 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #260
Sep 1998 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #261
  Loses Kingsley Ltd. to Norman. Escapes to the Caribbean
Jan 2011 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #649
  Presumed murdered by Phil Urich. Revealed to be brother Daniel
Nov 2012 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #694
Nov 2012 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #695
Dec 2012 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #696
Dec 2012 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #697
Sep 2013 App: Avenging Spider-Man #22

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