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As Carnage, elongate jaw & "teeth", ever moving tendrils from various parts of his body, both of which are a part of the




6' 1"


190 lbs


Carnage animates his costume to create snares, swing line, and most often bladed weapons. Carnage can hurl these "blades" from anywhere on his body. They disintegrate after about thirty seconds after they are thrown. Carnage also posses wall-crawling abilities similar to Venom's. In some unknown manner, the symbiote can dampen both Spider-Man's spider-sense, & the Venom symbiote's in born ability to track its spawn.


The symbiote is vunerable to both sonics(to a much lesser degree than it's parent) & heat based attacks (to a much greater degree than its parent).


Has a symbiote costume similar to Venom, but seems to be more powerful, possibly due to it's incubation on Earth. Kasady's symbiote can, like Venom's, mimic any type of clothing, but unlike Venom, Carnage has not been seen using the costume as camouflage. The symbiote has augmented all of Kasady's physical abilities to super-human levels apparently higher than that of Venom's.

Strength Level:

Unknown, shown to be significantly stronger than both Venom and Spider-Man



Created By:

David Michelinie, Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin

Current Occupation:

Prisoner/patient, Ravencroft

Dual Identity:

Publicly Known


High School

Former Bases:

Former site of the St. Estes Home for Boys, Brooklyn, New York

Former Occupation:

Serial Killer

Known Allies:

Shriek, Doppelganger, Demogoblin, Carrion II, Toxin (son), Hybrid (nephew)

Known Confidants:


Known Relatives:

Mother (killed by father), Venom (symbiote parent), Father (deceased), Grandmother (killed by Cletus)

Legal Status:

Mostly Dead

Major Enemies:

Spider-Man, Venom, Cloak & Dagger

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:

Brooklyn, New York

Real Name:

Cletus Kasady

Usual Bases:

Ravencroft Institute


Cletus Kasady was born into an ultra-violent home. Or perhaps he was just a bad seed in a good and loving family. He likes to taunt his psychiatrists and enemies with a changing story. In one version, he watched his father murder his mother with a drill. His father was sent to prison and Cletus was sent to live with his grandmother. Cletus killed the old woman's dog and when she came running to the basement, Cletus pushed her down the stairs. The police called it an accident and Kasady was sent from foster home to foster home. He was repeatedly abused by his foster families, further deepening his belief that a human being is nothing more than a bag of blood that is good for nothing more than dying and making more bags of blood.

Kasady was serving 11 consecutive life terms in prison for murder at Riker's Island prison when he became a cellmate of Eddie Brock (Venom). Brock had been separated from his symbiote and was working out vigorously to stay in shape, hoping to be able to avenge his alien partner's "death." Cletus griped that it was boring watching him work out and Eddie complained that he hated sharing a cell with a serial killer. Cletus told him that could change if he kept whining. Cletus then saw a shadow outside their window but then convinced himself it was nothing. (Amazing Spider-Man #344)

Eddie's exercising was still irritating Kasady and finally the killer decided to shiv his cell mate when the Venom symbiote arrived and re-bonded to the ecstatic Brock. Venom escaped by smashing out of the prison wall, leaving a badly shaken Cletus Kasady behind. Not alone, however, as the Venom symbiote left a spawn behind. (Amazing Spider-Man #345)

A guard soon found Kasady talking to himself and asked who he was talking to. Cletus and his new friend then pulled officer Ramone through the prison door bars and escaped out the hole in the wall. (Amazing Spider-Man #359) Kasady and the new symbiote committed their first murder as Carnage after picking Gunther Stein out of the phone book. Kasady thought he had a stupid name, which was as good a reason as any to kill him. (Amazing Spider-Man #360)

Carnage eventually murdered a classmate of Peter Parker, Chip, at Empire State University's Agro-Lab. Spider-Man arrived at the crime scene (after thinking about the dozen extremely brutal killings around New York the previous week) and overheard a witness's account of what happened. The description of the killer made him think that Venom may have been the culprit. Peter did some research on Brock's activities after his escape from prison and found that Kasady had been his cell mate. Further research on Kasady found that he had been raised in a Brooklyn orphanage that had been destroyed in a fire. The orphanage's disciplinarian was found dead in the building, and the cause of death was ruled an accident. Peter wasn't so sure.

He did some background research on Kasady by interviewing his former landlady, friends, school officials and doctors, all of whom were either reluctant to talk about him or connected him to one tragedy or another. Spider-Man eventually visited the ruins of the orphanage and found Kasady at a camp fire. Spidey was shocked at Carnage's speed, ability to solidify his costume, not trigger his spider sense and form weapons from the costume. Carnage was momentarily distracted by the appearance of two cops, and quickly stabbed one of them. Spider-Man protected the officers while Carnage threw a stove at them. Carnage escaped, but not before he pained "CARNAGE RULES!" in his own blood on a wall. Peter soon realized that he needed someone with a symbiote to understand Carnage and that meant finding Venom. (Amazing Spider-Man #361)

While Spider-Man and the Human Torch went to find Venom at his island exile, Kasady paid a visit to the office of Robert Sutcliff, a wealthy businessman. He easily killed the security team and the mechanical devices. Sutcliff tried to escape in a helicopter, which Carnage grabbed and tossed over the side of the skyscraper. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and the Human Torch made peace with Venom long enough for Brock to explain that the alien symbiote reproduces one a lifetime and has no concept of family. As such, it felt no need to tell Eddie that it had spawned. Brock's twisted sense of honor demanded that he return to New York and help find Carnage, which Spider-Man was less than happy about.

Venom used his alien's ability to track it's offspring to one of Kasady's unfound crime scenes. Carnage tried to persuade Venom to kill the webhead, but Brock was determined to end Kasady's killing spree. Spider-Man and Venom tried to use their brute force against Carnage, but the mutated alien proved to be stronger than both of them and they were easily flung aside. A mother in the apartment beneath the battle complained about the noise and Carnage smashed through the floor and grabbed her baby. He tossed it out the window, drawing his attackers away. Carnage soon arrived at The Daily Bugle, targeting J. Jonah Jameson after reading his anti-crime editorial. (Amazing Spider-Man #362)

In Jameson's office, Carnage explained that rules and morals are just words that a scared society created to feel safe. Since Jonah was a crusader for law and order, he needed to die. Tossing Jonah into his desk, Carnage was about to make an example of him, when Jameson hit a silent alarm, which drew the attention of Robbie Robertson. Carnage began to bemoan the sudden audience, when he realized that an audience was actually a good idea. He swung away with Jameson, looking for a receptive group. On the way, he stopped to shove a woman named Lisa's head through a wall. Spider-Man and Venom followed Robertson's advice that Carnage had left towards the southwest, where they found a group of people around Lisa's body. A nearby heavy metal poster made Spider-Man think that Carnage was headed for Madison Square Garden.

Carnage soon arrived at the concert with Jameson in tow. He quickly killed the band members and security team, then turned to the microphone to explain to the crowd that he was going to kill Jameson to show how easy it is. Most of the audience wanted nothing to do with him, but one concert goer was inspired to try and cut another man's throat. Spidey webbed him in time to stop him and Venom managed to get Jonah away from Carnage. Kasady was soon throwing Venom through the floor of the stadium and into Penn Station. Spider-Man managed to kick Carnage through the hole he created, and he also fell into the train station. He soon slaughtered the nearby travelers and escaped through a train tunnel. An incensed Venom caught up with him and promised to kill him but was nearly torn apart when Kasady's alien tried to merge with Brock's. Spidey punched him away, and Carnage landed on the third rail of the train track. Where the electrical current would have fried an average person, the symbiote protected Kasady.

Kasady smashed the vigilantes into a wall and then escaped to finish off Jameson, whom he found calling The Bugle to report the story of his kidnapping. Spider-Man arrived to find Jonah captured and Carnage was about to pluck the wall crawler's eyes when Venom arrived to save Spidey. As the two killers fought, Spider-Man went to the P.A. system and turned up the volume control to a level that injured both alien creatures. The older Venom symbiote was strong enough to survive the sound barrage but the newborn alien was seemingly destroyed. Kasady was left unconscious. (Amazing Spider-Man #363)

"Maximum Carnage"

Carnage's second rampage through New York was to be his most infamous. Escaping from Ravencroft Asylum with a fellow inmate, Shriek, Carnage went on a mission of mayhem across Manhattan. Along the way, he teamed with the mindless Spider-Man Doppelganger, Malcolm McBride and Demogoblin. This bloodthirsty gang forced a team up of various vigilantes consisting of Spider-Man, Venom, the Black Cat, Captain America, Morbius, Deathlok, Iron Fist, Cloak and Dagger and Nightwatch. After several days of rioting, Carnage and the others were captured.

Carnage has escaped several times in attempt to spread his message, much to the frustration of Dr Ashley Kafka and John Jameson. During one such escape while being transported through Colorado, Kasady evaded Spider-Man and targeted an old friend of Cletus': Bill Bentine. Bill had become successful in the lumber industry and the fact that he and Cletus had been childhood friends would make the murder seem even more senseless. (People had began to expect Carnage to kill at random, so to keep up with the chaos theme, he went after Bentine.) Kasasdy threw a table at Bill, crashing it through a window at the lumber mill and drawing the attention of Spider-Man. The ensuing fight turned against Spider-Man but Bill saved him by telling Kasady that he didn't think that Kasady would kill him. Reverting back to his vulnerable human form, Kasady set out to prove him wrong, giving Spider-Man the opportunity to knock him out.

Carnage met Ben Reilly several times. During an attempted prison break involving Judas Traveler, both Spider-Man and Ben helped put the lunatic back behind bars. Kasady again dealt with Judas, along with Kafka, John Jameson and Kaine. Traveller held a trial to determine if Peter Parker was responsible for creating so many super criminals and Kasady acted as the prosecutor. After the jury (made up of Shriek, Chameleon, Vermin, Carrion and others) found Parker guilty, he was saved by Kaine who refused to let someone as good as Parker be killed by such base people. Cletus had been given all of the information of Peter's life by Judas, but that information was erased from his mind after he was put back in Ravencroft.

Some time later, a video game based on Maximum Carnage was created for online play. Apparently, the symbiote has the ability to make itself so small that it can travel along telephone cables. This ability helped Kasady force a security guard to set him free. This was fortune for Carnage, as Venom was on his way to kill him out of rage that Carnage's murder spree had been made into a game. That particular sequence ended with Kasady's therapist setting him on fire and his falling out of a high rise window, only to be saved by Venom. He ended up in a coma.

"Planet of the Symbiotes"

But not for long. A space ship of alien symbiotes arrived on earth, and the Planet of the Symbiotes took place. The agony of the crisis caused Kasady to wake up (I assume the symbiote, who is sensitive to emotions, got a boost from the agony and used it to wake him up. Yeah, that's it.) and he found that he could increase his size by absorbing other symbiotes. With millions of the buggers on the planet, he quickly grew to enormous proportions. He was stopped by Venom, Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider when they blew up a transport truck full of fuel.


Back at Ravencroft, the Carnage symbiote had grown tired of being incarcerated with Kasady, yearning for more mayhem. It escaped without him through the water pipes in the sink, and bonded to John Jameson. The creature forced John to commit several murders before it was defeated by Ben Reilly. However, the alien used that defeat to bond to the new Spider-Man and they became Spider-Carnage. It took every ounce of strength Ben had to keep himself form following through on the creature's demands that he kill, even when they crossed paths with Jessica Carradine and Peter.

Peter discovered that Ben had joined with the symbiote as Ben was tearing through some security guards at a hospital. Ben nearly killed Peter but eventually left him alone. In desperation, Ben went to Ravencroft to ask Cletus how to control the creature. The madman told him that control was impossible and that the alien would twist and corrupt Spider-Man until he gave in to it. While Ben refused to let the symbiote return to Kasady, he asked John to put him in a cell with microwave emitters, which weaken the creature. The thing eventually left Ben and retreated through the water system to Cletus, making him Carnage once more.

"Carnage Cosmic"

At another time, the symbiote blended with the Silver Surfer. After bonding to the Surfer, it was revealed that the symbiotes were a space traveling species that act as locusts. The Surfer arrived as the symbiotes consumed the inhabitants of a far off planet. Disgusted by the creatures, the Silver Surfer summoned his master, Galactus. The world devourer quickly destroyed the planet, an event which traumatized the symbiotic race. It became a "genetic memory" and each symbiote desired to kill the Silver Surfer. (Amazing Spider-Man #430)


The next writer ignored the fact that this was a new symbiote and had Carnage spawn a new creature. Carnage was sickened that he, the figure of death in his own mind, was forced to give birth. He did everything he could to destroy the new symbiote, but was prevented by Venom. Brock wanted to use the new symbiote as an ally in his battles against Spider-Man. The new symbiote bonded to a New York cop named Pat Mulligan and became Toxin.

Pat tried to make the best of being bonded to a violent creature and became a crime fighter. Toxin started his career against Carnage. The sense of conscience disturbed Venom, who started an uneasy alliance with Carnage. Toxin held his own against the two, and chased them off with the help of Spider-Man and the Black Cat.

"New Avengers"

Carnage and many other criminals escaped from The Raft after it was shut down by Electro. (Max Dillon had been hired to break out Robert Reynolds and to release the other criminals to distract the inevitable vigilantes.) Carnage was about to kill Foggy Nelson when the killer was grabbed by the Sentry, flown into orbit and torn in half. He was abandoned there and presumed dead. (New Avengers #1 and #2)

"Carnage Reborn"

Symbiotes have proven pretty dang hard to get rid of, as the alien is shown to be alive and in containment in New York. This was revealed as Doppelganger attacked a prison transfer vehicle, containing his "mother," Shriek. The creature, and the riot of nearby New Yorkers caused by Shriek's empathy powers, was subdued by Spider-Man and Iron Man. Little did they know what the armored car was carrying.

The alien had been found barely alive in space by a satellite, which returned it to earth. The symbiote had nearly starved itself to death by keeping Kasady alive. The company that claimed ownership of the creature also saved Cletus and gave him bionic legs to replace the ones destroyed by Sentry. The alien was saved from death by the company using Shriek's empathy powers to feed it, as the creature feeds on strong, negative emotion. (Carnage #1)

Shriek was held at the same containment facility as the creature, and was still undergoing psychiatric treatment from her doctor, Dr Tanis Nieves. Dr Nieves had a bionic arm that used part of the symbiote in its mechanisms. The Carnage symbiote used that connection to force Nieves to free it. It then bonded to her and forced her to go to Kassady. (Carnage #2) The expected battle royale broke out after Carnage was free and he quickly dispatched the armored guards. Their suits used parts of the symbiote as circuitry, which Carnage was able to communicate with and ordered them to destroy the men in the suits. He then wore the dead men and armor as protective gear. This gave him an advantage over Spider-Man and Iron Man.Shriek soon arrived by her lover's side, much to his annoyance. (Carnage #3)

He wanted to deal with the heroes and told her to make the nearby New Yorkers go mad with her empathy powers if she got bored. As New York began to go through the same rioting and senseless violence it experienced during Maximum Carnage, Kasady went back to pounding on Spidey and Iron Man. They had been momentarily stunned by Shriek's sonic attack and were playing defense against Carnage. Carnage held his own against Stark's better weaponry, until Dr Nieves, now bonded with a new symbiote spawn, forced Shriek to attack him. (Carnage #4) When Spider-Man pried apart the armor that encased Carnage, he found that that lunatic was already gone. Kasady and Doppelganger hunted down Mike Bolton, who had been the man responsible for taking the symbiote from him. Kasady let Doppel munch on Bolton, saying that the "music" helped him think. He decided that they were going on the road. (Carnage #5)

"Carnage USA"

Kasady later showed up in Doverton, Colorado, where he took the town's 1,145 residents hostage. The Avengers learned of Carnage's whereabouts and sent Captain America, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, the Thing and Wolverine to capture him. Their attack failed miserably as the symbiote quickly engulfed all of the assembled Avengers, sans Spider-Man. At the U.S. Emergency Response Center, the gathered military specialists watched as the communication devices given to the Avengers went off line and the president was demanding action. A general calmly replied that there were five contingency plans at the ready: Venom, Toxin, Hybrid, Scorn and Anti-Venom.

As the government assembled its team, the Carnage influenced Avengers chased Spider-Man out of town. Later they went to a bar to shoot pool, and Kasady had take a young mother and her sons hostage. As in Maximum Carnage, Kasady relived as a dysfunctional father to the family, eventually sending them out to kill the woman's husband after they were also bonded to Carnage. After they left, Kasady set up a town meeting at the Last Chance Church, demanding that the town folk hurt themselves and each other. Kasady momentarily lost control of Captain America, who radioed to his superiors to send code name 4563: Agent Venom (Flash Thompson).

Agent Venom took on Carnage but Scorn had built a device that separated the aliens from their hosts, leaving Flash and Cletus to fight it out alone. Both men had lost their legs but in the end, the Venom symbiote returned to Flash in time to save him, while much of the Carnage symbiote was destroyed in a missile attack sent by the army. Scorn collected the symbiote, while the Avengers took Kasady away.

"Minimum Carnage"

Naturally, Kasady didn't stay locked up for long, and soon made his way to Houston, Texas to aid tiny killers from another dimension. They teleported him to their world, just in time to escape the newest Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) and Agent Venom. Once he arrived in the Microverse, he learned that he was brought there to kill The Redeemer, a being worshiped as a god by the beings of that dimension. Redeemer was opposed by Marquis Radu, who wanted to conquer the Microverse and refused to share it, even with a god. The problem is, if the Redeemer died, then the Microverse died. If the Microverse unraveled, so did the Macroverse. Carnage was thus in a position to kill all life in the universe.

After both Carnage and Agent Venom were captured by Radu, they learned they were going to be used to create a symbiote army. (Long ago, symbiotes had invaded the Microverse and nearly destroyed it. All symbiotes have a toxic effect on that reality, so Venom and Carnage were a very potent threat to Redeemer.) Both symbiotes were cloned and combined, the new symbiotes bonded to host bodies. Carnage, untainted by the government's mind control as the Venom symbiote was, had the ability to control the newly formed army. Agent Venom managed to defeat the army but Carnage and many of the new symbiotes somehow escaped the Microverse and returned to Houston.

The Redeemer managed to return Scarlet Spider, Venom and reporter Katie Kiernan to Earth, just in time to see Kasady and the cloned symbiotes slaughtering Houstonians. Venom had been given a sonic grenade before they left the Microverse, which he used on Carnage. While Kasady was momentarily weakened, he was stabbed in the brain by the Scarlet Spider, effectively lobotomized. Later, at a containment facility, Agent Venom was told by a doctor that while Kasady was catatonic, the symbiote was still alive and well. The alien was now in complete control of Cletus Kasady.

"Superior Carnage"

In prison, the mindless Carnage went on a rampage, much to the satisfaction of the Wizard. The master criminal intended to create a new Frightful Four and to add Carnage to the roster. He wanted to accomplish this via mind control of Kasady, but he soon found that mind control wasnt an option after the lobotomy. The Wizard was saved from slaughter by the timely arrival of Klaw, who used his sonic powers to subdue Carnage. (Superior Carnage #1) After he regained his courage, Wizard again attempted mind control of the symbiote itself and repeatedly failed, nearly causing his own death. He attempted his mind control with the aid of the wheelchair bound Dr. Malus. Eventually, Wizard decided to perform a blood transfusion, transferring the symbiote from Kasady to Malus. (Superior Carnage #2)

Wizard and Klaw eventually gained a tenuous control over Dr. Malus and the symbiote. They soon went on a rampage at city hall, looking for mayor Jameson. Once they arrived, they instead found the Superior Spider-Man waiting for them in the mayor's office. (Superior Carnage #3) Spider-Man decided to deal with the Wizard first, "to remove the head of the snake." After Wizard was beaten, the Carnage symbiote took control of Dr. Malus. When Spider-Man radioed his troops to assist him, Carnage said not to bother, as he had removed all of their tongues. Klaw interrupted and used his sound waves to paralyze Spider-Man, until he was impaled by Carnage. Klaw blew up and the explosion separated the alien from Malus, after which the creature bonded to the Wizard. (Superior Carnage #4)

After bonding to Carnage, the Wizard demanded to see his son. Spider-Man's goons tried to stop him with a flame thrower, which failed as it was a prototype. At the same time, Carnage tore off the crippled legs of Dr. Malus after he told Spider-Man he couldn't run away. Carnage also speared Spidey in the side to force him to bring him his son. Spider-Man ordered his men to bring them Kasady, which the symbiote immediately rejoined. He nearly devoured the Wizard as retribution but was stopped by Klaw's sound waves. The spider-goons separated the alien from Kasady and the creature was imprisoned at Spider-Island. The bonding to the symbiote also repaired Kasady's brain. (Superior Carnage #5)

With the alien imprisoned at Spider-Island, Kasady was left vulnerable in a prison's general population and he was stabbed by other inmates. Meanwhile, the symbiote died suddenly. However, a separate specimen had been taken from the alien, which was being studied at a lab in New Mexico. It escaped and bonded to a researcher, who went home and killed her husband. It soon left her and bonded to other hosts. As Cletus lay recovering from his near murder, he was smothered by the doctor that was keeping watch over him. Soon the alien arrived to Kasady's bedside and the doctor tried to bond to it. The alien rebonded to Cletus, brining him back to life. They had both been sick without each other and the bonding had saved both of them. Carnage slaughtered the inmates of the prison, including the prisoner that had stabbed him. Carnage escaped, looking forward to seeing the world. (Superior Carnage Annual #1)

"Carnage vs Deadpool"

Kasady next showed up at a small Kansas diner and killed the dozen patrons inside. This was his fifth massacre since escaping and made the national news. He found a hideout at an abandoned housing development near Tulsa, Oklahoma. He enjoyed that he was hiding out where someone's dream home was "murdered by inflated interest rates and bad credit loans." His happiness was cut short when a missile blew up the porch he was standing on, fired by the mercenary called Deadpool. Kasady survived the explosion and during the following fight with Deadpool, who soon stuffed a grenade in his mouth. Deadpool was about to cut the stunned killer's head off with a sword, when he was blasted by Shriek. (Deadpool vs Carnage #1)

As Carnage tortured Deadpool to find out how he found them, he was furious when 'Pool said he just followed the clues. As a devote to chaos and random slaughter, Kasady refused to believe that he had left clues. Deadpool managed to distract Carnage with dubstep so loud that it acted as a sonic weapon. The grenades that he used against Carnage only stunned the symbiote and Kasady escaped with help from Shriek's levitation. They made their way to Chicago, moving randomly to avoid being found again. Cletus told Shriek to stop worrying after they stole a classic car and drove out of Chicago. Little did they know, but Deadpool was on the flatbed truck ahead of them, sitting in a farm's harvesting machine. Deadpool turned the machine on and tried to roll over the duo, causing Shriek to hit her head on the windshield. This infuriated Carnage, who soon smashed through the harvester and tossed the mercenary into the highway. (Deadpool vs Carnage #2)

As he and Carnage hacked and slashed at each other, Deadpool was yammering about how chaos was a lie and that there were underlying patterns. Carnage ignored him, then tossed him in front of an oncoming semi. Carnage hijacked a family that was on a road-trip, forcing them to help him and Shriek escape. He decided to see if Deadpool was right about the universe trying to tell him something about chaos and told the father to drive them to the attractions that they had planned to see. After the car arrived at a ghost town, Kasady killed the family. Kasady sensed something familiar about the place and soon found that there was an underground base that housed the military team that bonded to the former Hybrid symbiotes. Carnage quickly murdered the team and set the base to self destruct to kill the other symbiotes. When Deadpool finally arrived, Carnage tore him to pieces. (Deadpool vs. Carnage #3)

Carnage and Shriek took hostages at the Carrington Psychiatric Hospital, looking for answers from the doctors about if what Deadpool said was true. One of them suggested that what he was saying was not at all rational and Kasady killed him. Deadpool then sniped him from outside, blowing his head off. Little did he know, but Deadpool had been rejoined at the ghost town by the symbiotes that he had tried to kill. Shriek fled the room and Carnage and Deadpool repeatedly tried to kill each other. Carnage ignored the other inmates and decided that no one was going to die that day but Deadpool. Little did he know, but when he thought he had snuck up and killed Deadpool, he had only cut up Shriek, whom Deadpool had disguised as himself. Carnage gave himself up to police by sealing himself up in a hospital cell, saying that he was staying right there until he was his "own man again." (Deadpool vs Carnage #4)

"Axis: Carnage"

In the meantime, the Red Skull had conquered the nation of Genosha, causing the X-Men and Avengers to join against him. It was after that event happened that Magneto visited Carnage in his prison cell. Kasady was still bitter that chaos seemed to be a lie, until Magneto convinced him that Carnage becoming a hero was the definition of chaos. (Magneto #11)

Soon Carnage was in Genosha with Hobgoblin, Deadpool, Mystique, Enchantress, Absorbing Man and Jack O'Lantern VI. Red Skull had two Sentinel robots created by Iron Man programmed to attack any heroes that arrived, but as none of these combatants were identified as "heroes," they had the advantage. Doctor Doom and the Scarlet Witch were also involved in the fracas, and they cast an "Inversion" spell to make Charles Xavier's consciousness dominant over the Red Skull's (Skull was in possession of Xavier's brain), but the spell backfired and covered the entire nation of Genosha. After the spell was cast, the villain army had mysteriously vanished. (AXIS #3)

Carnage returned to New York, determined to be a hero. However, his impulses were still geared towards excessive violence, as shown when he slices up a pimp and knocks out the prostitute he was with. Kasady realized that he had no idea how to be a good person but witnessed the tearful commentary of TV news reporter Alice Gleason, whom was lamenting the deaths of fellow journalists. He recognized that she was a good person (it was actually a cynical play for popularity by the reporter) and he went to her apartment to learn from her. When he arrived, he found her being attacked by a new Sin Eater, who had been responsible for the deaths of the other reporters. Carnage killed him and swung away with the fainted Gleason. (Axis: Carnage #1)

Gleason woke up webbed to the underside of a bridge, with Carnage waiting for her. She made him promise to not hurt her, even though he didn't understand why a promise should be kept when they are only words. She told him that is what good people do and that she would show him what "being good" meant as long as he didn't hurt her. They soon arrived at a graveyard, where Alice was trying to teach him about religion and confession. Carnage saw a grave digger nearby and, mistaking him for a grave robber, kicked him into an open grave. Alice explained that what the man had been doing hadn't been illegal and Carnage picked him up out of the grave, despite the man's complaints that he had broken every bone in his body. Carnage replied, "I'm sorry citizen. Please go about your day and be merry."

Alice decided to have Carnage confess to his crimes on video, claiming that putting it online would mean that priests could find it sooner. She wanted him to tell her how many people he had killed, and he said it was more numbers than he knew. She soon emailed the confession to her boss, who immediately called the police. A SWAT team arrived at the scene but Carnage and Gleason had already left. They came upon a bank robbery and Carnage decided to make a point of how dangerous guns are by taking one off of a thief and shooting a car's gas tank with it, blowing it up. He then tossed the burning car into the bank, setting it on fire. He rationalized that you cant rob a bank if it is burning down. Alice forced him to put out the fire with a fire hydrant, then they escaped just as the police were arriving. A police helicopter got caught in his web as they swung away, causing the chopper to crash and Carnage to drop Alice. She was found by the Sin Eater, who had survived the previous encounter with Carnage. Alice was soon kidnapped by the Sin Eater and Carnage promised to save her...just as National Guard jets fired missiles at him. (Axis: Carnage #2)

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Cover Date Appearance Information
Feb 1991 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #344
  Appears as Cletus Kasady.
Mar 1991 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #345
  Acquired spawn of Venom symbiote as Venom escaped prison.
Feb 1992 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #359
Mar 1992 Cameo: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #360
Apr 1992 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #361
  Became Carnage, went on killing spree, battled Spider-Man, & Venom.
May 1992 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #362
Jun 1992 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #363
May 1993 App: Spider-Man Unlimited #1 (Story 1)
  Maximum Carnage starts.
Jun 1993 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #378
Jul 1993 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #379
Aug 1993 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #380
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Jul 1993 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #102
Aug 1993 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #103
Aug 1993 App: Spider-Man Unlimited #2 (Story 1)
  Maximum Carnage ends
Oct 1994 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #117 (Story 1)
Year 1994 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #28 (Story 1)
  (Escaped again, defeated by Spider-Man)
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