Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #430


We all know Silver Surfer, the herald-of-Galactus-turned-cosmic-avenger who stars in his own monthly book, and we all know Carnage, the mudrerous symbiotic madman, and of course, we all know Spider-Man, that lovable archnerd-turned-superhero to whom this very site is devoted to. What you may not know is that Dr. Ashley Kafka has been fired as head of the Ravencroft Institute for the criminally insane, that Joe "Robbie" Robertson has been getting pressure from his wife to quit his job as editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, and that industrialist (and, as the Green Goblin, super-cool supervillain) Norman Osborn has bought half of the Daily Bugle and recently offered a million-dollar reward for the webhead's capture - dead or alive. Now you know!

Story 'Savage Rebirth!'

In an effort to cut costs at Ravencroft, the new chief administrator foolishly weakens the microwave field surrounding Carnage's cell. Naturally, Carnage slices his way through the now-nominal security and makes his escape, eager to track down Spider-Man. For reasons unknown, he makes his way to the Daily Bugle. There, he attacks Marla Robertson to send a message to poor, beleagured, Spider-Man. Spidey pursues, and the natural glorious comic book hijinx follows. Silver Surfer, who has come to welcome the recently returned Fantastic Four to the world of the considered-living, sees the fracas, and coomes to offer his assistance. The symbiote, recognizing the Surfer as a dreaded herald of Galactus, flees in terror. The Surfer follows, and is ambushed by the symbiote. The two return together, as the symbiote tries to form a bond with the Surfer. Of course, we, the readers, recognize that this would fall nicely into the "bad things" category.

General Comments

This issue offers us a brief glimpse of a few of the Thunderbolts, and affirms that, yes, Billy Walters does exist outside of Sensational. In fact, there's a good mix of supporting cast and super-cosmic heroes. Yet still it falls somewhat flat.

Overall Rating

A very mediocre three webs.