Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #239

Story 'Now Strikes the Hobgoblin!'

While Harry Osborn discusses a mysterious series of break-ins at his company with the police, a now-familiar figure buys a newspaper and finds himself to be front-page news. Thinking, "You can always depend on the Daily Bugle!", he proudly checks out his newest acquisition: the Green Goblin's battle van.

Spider-Man is in the hospital visiting the Black Cat, badly injured in a fight with Doctor Octopus. While there, he overhears a radio report about the latest Osborn Manufacturing robbery. Wondering if the missing crook he let go is involved, and if his secret identity is about to be compromised, Peter begins to investigate the old Goblin hideouts that he knows about. He finds what he hoped he wouldn't find in the Old Village Theater: "My spider-sense is buzzing a full-scale warning! This must be--the payoff!"

Bursting in, he finds a garish figure going through stage props. "The costume is familiar, but if you're trying to be the Green Goblin, you're using the wrong color scheme!" Rather than reply, the figure releases a sparkle blast from his gloves and heads for the glider, thinking "I'm not prepared to deal with him, yet! Besides--there's nothing of value here for me!" as he jets off.

Chasing after the fugitive, Spidey begins his characteristic taunts. "Hey, don't fly off in a huff! I've hardly had a chance to say 'hi'!" When that doesn't work, he tries, "What's your hurry, blabbermouth? Don't tell me that you're afraid of li'l ol' me?!"

Snapping, "The Hobgoblin fears no one!", the villain flings a pumpkin bomb that Spidey easily ducks. Marking his new foe as inexperienced, Spidey first tosses a piece of masonry that throws the Hobgoblin off balance, then uses the cover of one of his own gas bombs to snag the glider with a web line and pull it crashing to earth. "The masquerade's over," he tells the shaken Hobgoblin "and it's time for you to unmask!" Unable to face the shame of revelation, the Hobgoblin tries a desperate move, deliberately using a electric burst from his glove to blow open a gas main. Ripping huge chunks of asphalt out of the street, Spidey finds the main feeder valve and clenches his hands around it, clamping off the gas. "It worked! the danger's over. No, scratch that...The fire is out. That's all. Hobgoblin got away."

Blocks away, an aching Hobgoblin realizes that Spider-Man's reputation is well earned. "How on earth was the Green Goblin able to stand up to Spider-Man as many times as he did? He must have some secret...But what? I must find out! I will find out! And when I do, I shall humble Spider-Man as he's never been humbled before!"