Michi Fujimoto

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Credits for Michi Fujimoto on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Paradise Books: Here's Hulk!

Year 2002 Please and Thank You (Paradise) (Writer)

Paradise Books: Let's Play Hide & Seek with Hulk!

Year 2002 Paradise Books: Ready or Not! (Writer)

Paradise Books: Meet Team Marvel

Year 2002 Meet Spider-Man (Writer)
Year 2002 Meet Spider-Man & Friends (Writer)

Paradise Books: Spider-Man Heroes

Year 2002 Spider-Man: Firefighters (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man: Police Officers (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man: Air Rescue Officers (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man: Doctors (Writer)

Paradise Books: Spider-Man Ready For Adventure?

Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends Pop-Up: Farmyard Fun (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends Pop-Up: Fun and Games (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends Pop-Up: One for Me, Zoo for You (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends Pop-Up: Camp Spidey (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man: At The Parade (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man: In The City (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man: At The Park (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man: Under The Sea (Writer)

Paradise Books: Spider-Man Special Helpers

Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends: Lizard Exhibit (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends: Museum Morph (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends: Power Struggle (Writer)
Year 2002 Spider-Man & Friends: Sand Trap (Writer)

Paradise Books: Spider-Man Sports

Year 2002 Baseball Spider-Man: Home Run (Writer)
Year 2002 Basketball Spider-Man: Slam Dunk (Writer)
Year 2002 Football Spider-Man: Touchdown (Writer)
Year 2002 Soccer Spider-Man: Goal (Writer)

Paradise Books: Spider-Man Tree-House Pals

Year 2002 Paradise Books: The Tree House Lab (Writer)
Year 2002 Paradise Books: Operation Lost Puppy (Writer)
Year 2002 Paradise Books: No Villains Allowed! (Writer)
Year 2002 Paradise Books: Heroes in Training (Writer)
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