Spider-Man & Friends Pop-Up: Farmyard Fun


As I believe that I've stated elsewhere, (and to misquote Stan) "With great success, comes great licensing").

This pop-up book is targeted to toddlers who are perhaps just learning to read, or are actually still being read to by their parents (parents still read to their kids, don't they?) This 10-page pop-up book is another Michi Fujimoto book that takes Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Spider-Girl (no, not "Mayday" Parker, Peter's Daughter, but some simulacrum doppelganger) and puts them in a kiddie story. Yeah, me too, read on.

The book is 5" x 7" with very thick and soft padded covers. Presumably so that children don't... hurt themselves while reading?

Story Details

The 10 pages form five popup scenes, each a double page "centerfold layout" scene. That means you hold the book sideways as you read it. Each double-page spread features a single, very simple pop-up. All of the pop-ups are a single flat panel, hinged to both pages of the scene.

The book starts off with Spidey, Spider-Girl (who is wearing a costume similar to Spider-Man except you can see her mask allows you to see her eyes and lower face, as well as for her ponytails to stick out (so you can tell she's a girl), The Hulk, and Captain America are all visiting Cap's Aunt's farm. The Rooster is crowing signaling the start of a new day. The four heroes begin by milking the cow and collecting the hen's eggs. After breakfast they do some yard work. Then they pick the vegetables (there is a scarecrow that looks like the Green Goblin). Finally the chores are done and they all take a hayride.

General Comments

The story is drawn in a cartoony mode, and is, as stated, a pop-up book that is specifically designed for younger readers. It is not intended to exist within Marvel continuity and/or cannon.

The book is really cute, and I wish it were available when my kids were young (if it was, perhaps they would be bigger Spidey fans now). While it doesn't hold up to the comics it is entertaining on the level on which it was intended.

Overall Rating

No, this book isn't for everyone (except for those of us who look to collect even the most of oddball Spidey books), but it does really make for a fun addition to your collection. Three webs.