Soccer Spider-Man: Goal

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)


Enter the Sports series, where Spidey gets to try his hand at Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer. These books are only slighty different in that they have some tabs on the side, with a small picture that is more or less the focus of the current page.

All four childrens books come as a complete set. Other sets include the 'Special Helpers Series', the 'Neighborhood Heroes Series', and the 'Search Series'.

Story Details

Some kids are playing a soccer game in a park, while Spider-Man pauses to take a look. They ask him to join, and in no time, Spidey is decked out in yet another uniform. Spidey kicks the ball and sends it flying into the goal! Spider-Sense tingling, Spidey finds a cat stuck in a tree. Looks like its time for Spidey to go back to work!

General Comments

This set of books is all about having fun. While these particular illustrations seem to depict Spidey small, almost like a kid, it doesn't really detract from the general point of the story. While these books are very short, they are designed that way, as small children wont be able to grasp a complex storyline or have the patience for a long story. Great for toddlers and beginning readers.

Overall Rating

Another four webs for some well done childrens books.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)