Paradise Books: Ready or Not!


Paradise books were the most prolific licensee of Spider-Man kids books in the first half of the "noughties". Between 2002 and 2004 they pumped out around seventy different coloring, activity, and kids story books with the webslinger either starring or at the very least making a cameo role.

"Ready or Not!" is one of the four books in the Paradise Books "Let's Play Hide & Seek with Hulk(tm)!" series. Physically this book is 7" x 7" with hard cardboard cover and pages. Including inside front and back cover there are ten pages in the story. The leaves are tabbed to help you quickly jump to the appropriate point in the tale, if your attention span won't allow you to make the hard slog all the way from the beginning.

Story Details

Hulk is "It" in this game of Hide and Seek, taking place in the "Spider-Man & Friends" tree-house.

Hulk can't catch Captain America... 'cos Cap is too fast.

Hulk can't catch Spider-Girl, because she used her Spider-Sense.

Hulk can't catch Spidey because he climbed up into the tree and then swung down on a web.

"Rrrrargh!" Hulk roared. "Sometimes it's no fun playing with other Super Heroes!"

General Comments

This is silly stuff. The art work is scratchy, the text is daft.

Overall Rating

I liked it. Four webs.