Kolina Frederickson

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Created By:

Roger Stern and Ron Frenz

Current Occupation:


Known Confidants:

Norman Osborn

Major Enemies:

Donald Menken

Marital Status:



”The Gathering of Five”

Norman Osborn rolled the dice in the Gathering of Five ritual and drew insanity. (Not a far trip for him.) Other participants in the ritual were Mattie Franklin, Madame Web, Override and Morris Maxwell. The potential gifts of the ritual were wisdom, death, madness, power and immortality. However, the twist was that the apparent gift received was actually one of the others. Osborn seemed to have gained power but it was all in his mind. He was captured and sent to prison but was immediately rescued by the cult of the Scriers. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 1) #98)

”Revenge of the Green Goblin”

Norman, with the ever-loyal Donald Menken by his side, struggled to combat the insanity brought on by the Gathering of Five ritual while staying at one of his numerous safe-houses. In addition to Dr. Albert Bendix, Menken helped procure a nurse as well, named Kolina Frederickson. During his recovery, Norman spent a lot of time with Kolina and he soon became smitten with her, as she reminded him of his deceased wife Emily Osborn. As time went by and Norman's health began to improve, he suggested that Kolina remain on as his nurse after he leaves the safe house to return to his estate. Kolina obliges and soon a romance begins. The always cold and stern Osborn shifted into quite a softie as he wined and dined Kolina, wooing her with roses and ballroom dancing! Kolina could not resist the charm.

Kolina and Norman grew close to one another and he even opened up to his nurse, sharing his family history and the failures of his father, Amberson Osborn. But Kolina soon became aware of the dark side to Norman's character and often found him sitting alone in the dark, something she found troubling. One night while searching for Norman, Kolina found her way into one of his Goblin lairs and she accidentally snuck up on him while he was in his Green Goblin costume (technically he was in his Goblin-Lord costume). Kolina's entrance startled Norman and, unaware that it was Kolina, he turned around and tossed a pumpkin bomb in her direction, nearly killing her. Norman became immediately regretful for his actions. (Revenge of the Green Goblin #2)

Seeing Kolina lying unconscious reminded Norman all too much of his deceased wife and when she eventually awoke, he decided to come clean and tell her the truth about his villainous alter ego. After he shared with her the origin of the Green Goblin, Norman boasted as to how much his life had improved because of his exposure to the serum. Kolina, thinking Norman had lost it again, suggested that he take more meds via his dermal patch. This set Norman off and he attacked his nurse for doubting his reasoning that the Goblin formula was a blessing. Kolina's similarities to Emily saved her in the end though, because Norman could not bring himself to kill her. Menken, who had already expressed his non-approval for Norman sharing the Goblin history, stepped up to finish the job. But Norman quickly intervened and snapped Menken's arm and then strangled him. Kolina quickly slapped a dermal patch on Norman's neck causing him to calm down, this move by Kolina most likely saved Menken's life. After Norman settled, he ordered his servants to take Kolina and Menken to his Adirondack estate. Neither of them have been seen since. (Revenge of the Green Goblin #3)

”Cult of Carnage”

Years later, Kolina appeared to be highly placed in the Scrier cult. She had been informed that Lily Hollister had failed to return Norman’s child, Stanley Osborn, to them. (Lily had tried to convince Liz Allan that she was better off with her mother but she had been stopped by Madness. This was a bonding of Lasher, Riot, Scream, Agony and Phage to a mercenary named Corwin Jones. At the time, Liz was called Misery and was bonded to portions of the Carnage and Anti-Venom symbiotes.) Kolina ordered the Green Goblin faced cultist to gather more Scriers. (Misery #5)


Cover Date Appearance Information
Oct 2000 1st: Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin #1
Nov 2000 App: Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin #2
Dec 2000 App: Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin #3
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 Posted: Oct 2010
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