Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #513

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)


Peter has just found out that the two strangers plaguing him, and claiming he's their father, are really the children of Gwen Stacy and... Norman Osborn! AND these kiddies are dying because of their altered DNA which is ageing them at an acclerated rate.

Story Details

MJ and Pete are in their lounge discussing what to do to help Gwen's twins. Pete decides the best way to get their attention and for them to meet with him, is to hold a press conference as Spider-Man and invite Gabriel and Sarah to meet him where their mother died. Spidey follows through with his plan and heads for the bridge, with reporters and cops trying to follow him all the way.

When he gets there, Spidey waits for Gabriel and Sarah to arrive and draw close. When they are near, Spidey tries to explain to them the truth. They think that Norman is their wonderful mentor and not their father and definitely not the Green Goblin. They also have been led to believe by Norman that Pete killed Gwen and abondoned them. Pete tries to reveal the truth and that he wants to help them. Sarah seems to begin to come around. But, Gabe can't handle the truth and attacks Spidey in a rage. Spidey holds back not wanting to hurt him. Gabe overpowers Spidey and starts to strangle him when a bullet richochets off the brickwork near them. The police have arrived and want to arrest people and stuff. Gabe thinks this was orchestrated by Spidey, so he pulls a gun and opens fire on Spidey. Spidey, realising what will happen next, kicks Gabe off the bridge into the water while the Police open fire. Sarah is shot though and topples of the bridge, ala Gwen's death. Spidey saves her though and takes her to a hospital.

Meanwhile, Gabe is making his way through the sewers to a location than Norman told him to visit after he had killed Spidey. He's not sure what he'll find, but is horrorfied when the chamber reveals two goblin suits, one male and one female. Gabe screams as he realises the truth....

General Comments

Well, I need to start off by saying I got heaps of feedback on my review of last issue. Generally, most people that mailed me really hate this storyline and the revelations about Gwen. I essentially agree that I don't like what this means for Gwen's virtue and that it seems out of character. But, I also think this story's execution is fantastic, I can't wait to see what will happen next. And that's got to be a good thing.

I mean one thing's for sure, this story is breaking new ground. Spidey is being put through the wringer in a way he hasn't before, its bringing to the fore aspects of his character that I really like. It's showing how he's willing to come through all his personal crap and do what he thinks is the right thing to do. Not many people have that strength of character and its admirable. I guess that's what's really winning me over on this story at the moment. That and the fact that I starting to really like Gabe and Sarah and their story. The way that Norman manipulated and screwed with their minds and what they're going through, really makes me empathise with them. This also reveals what makes Norman such a great villain. This is Norman at his evil best, not in costume throwing bombs, but manipulating and screwing with people's minds.

So, you could say with this issue and after having a month to sit on the revelations about Gwen and read what other people are saying, I've come to a decision. I like this storyline. It is not without fault. But, I'm finding it extremely entertaining and engaging. And the way that Peter is reacting is really inspiring me to be a better person. What more can you ask from a comic?

Having said that, this issue is great. The developments are interesting and unpredictable. I like the use of the media and how its portrayed. Though I would've thought Spidey would've done some web-swinging first before resorting to the press conference. I really love the art. The way the confrontation plays out is tense. It's mostly all good.

There are a couple of things that are niggly and should've been picked up by someone at Marvel (hello Spidey editors are you there?), like Pete making out he hasn't revisited the bridge since Gwen's death. It's happened quite a few times. This is only annoying, because its something that should've been picked up. Also, the falling off of a bridge thing is getting a liitle overdone. I can see why it was done and it fits, but its just getting a liitle old.

Overall Rating

Call me crazy, but I'm getting past my hang ups.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)