Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #509

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)


With most of the long running plots being wrapped up in the last storyline, there's not a lot you need to know. Basically, MJ is trying to make it as a 'legitimate' actor by auditioning for broadway plays, is all you need to know...

Story Details

This issue starts off with MJ at an audition. She finally gets the part after taking to heart some advice the director gives her. Pete is waiting for her in the reception area (where if you're good you'll spot a poster on the wall that features Spiderfan's very own Mitch Clem!) where he meets her with a hug.

Later, MJ and Pete are having dinner with Aunt May. May gives Pete a letter that was delivered to her house, but addressed to him. The letter shocks Pete, because it's supposedly from Gwen Stacy!

Pete goes upstairs to read the letter. It's Gwen's handwriting and seems to be written during the time she was in Europe. The letter sounds distressing and hints at a reason for her suddenly leaving, a very important reason. But, just as the letter is about to reveal that reason, it ends. There is only one page in the envelope, when clearly the missive was meant to have more. Pete discusses the letter with MJ and dwells on his memories. He reflects on that time and how mysterious it was that Gwen took off to Europe and how, when she came back, they didn't really have time to discuss it all before she died. One final thing bothers Peter though. Why has he recieved the letter now and why is it marked as being posted from NY City within the last couple of days? He thinks someone is messing with him.

Later that night, Pete can't sleep, so he slips off to visit Gwen's tombstone. From the darkness a voice taunts him, names him as "Parker" and threatens to make him pay for his 'sins'. Pete is attacked first by one dark clad assailant, then another similarly dressed female joins the fray. Pete is tagged by a knife and decides to cut, leaping to a passing truck and sticking to the side, Spidey style. He hopes in the darkness and confusion that they didn't notice his super skills.

The pair watch from the graveyard though. They did notice and seem to make some connection. The guy takes off his mask and appears to look very similar to Peter. He vows to kill Pete as the truck drives off...

General Comments

Interesting and even intriguing... I'm really not sure exactly where JMS is going with this new storyline. I'm little worried that he's messing with Gwen's legacy, but for now I'm prepared to give him a chance and see where this goes. I must admit, as I said at the start, that this new plotline has spiked my interest. The way JMS plays out Pete's feelings and poderings, really draws you in and makes you wonder, along with Pete, exactly what is going on. It's a good little mystery at the moment, I just hope the pay off is good! It does worry me that one of the assailants at the end seems to resemble Pete himself. I hope this isn't some lost clone or some such.

Mike Deodato Jr, makes his pencilling debut this issue. For the most part its pretty impressive. I find it a little too dark at times and he seems to have a habit of drawing faces half in shadow, which is a little annoying. The art does portray the emotions and thoughts of the characters very well though, it's almost photo-realistic in places and quite beautiful. The action at the end is well choreographed, so far he seems up to task. There's not much of Spidey in his costume this issue, so I'm interested to see how things will go with some all-out superhero action.

All up, this is a good jumping on point too. The storyline is steeped in Spidey's early history, but the stroytellers do well in recapping all you need to know. So if you've been thinking of getting someone to pick up Spidey, this is probably a good place to start.

Overall Rating

A promising new storyline and well executed

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)