1996 Marvel Overpower IQ

This was the fourth Marvel OverPower card set (excluding promos). It added the "Intellect" attribute, and was heavy on new characters, specials for new and existing characters, and four-attribute identity cards for all existing characters including Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Venom, and Carnage.

With new Intellect Power cards, new four-attribute multi-power cards, and some new Intellect teamwork cards it came to a total of 279 cards. Cards are woven texture, marked "© 1996 Marvel. Distributed by Fleer."

  ANY HERO: Alien Symbiote
  CARNAGE: Anarchy
  CARNAGE: Destructive Mind
  SCARLET SPIDER: Clonal Confusion
  SPIDER-MAN: Clonal Confusion
  SPIDER-MAN: Science Whiz
  SPIDER-WOMAN: Force Works
  SPIDER-WOMAN: Rescue Operation
  VENOM: Eddie Brock: Reporter
  VENOM: Healing Bond
  UNIVERSE: Teamwork 7S +2+2 FI
War Machine, Hawkeye & Spider-Woman
  UNIVERSE: Ally 6S 1S
Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Spider-Man)