Jonathan's Cards & Stickers Want List

Here's the list of all the items that I (Jonathan, the site editor) am still missing from my personal Spider-Man Cards & Stickers collection.

Like most collectors these days, I just pick up stuff from eBay as and when my budget allows. But if you reckon you've got something super-rare (or super-cheap) that I really have to look at, then you can always Mail Me.

I am looking for 427 more items for my personal Cards & Stickers collection.

Spider-Man Trading Cards

I am looking for 21 issue(s) in this section.

Promo Cards

I am looking for 13 issue(s) in this section.

Collectible Card Games

I am looking for 78 issue(s) in this section.

  • 1995 Marvel Overpower Powersurge:
     CARNAGE: Alien Healing
     SCARLET SPIDER: Impact Webbing
     SPIDER-WOMAN: Psionic Attack
  • 1996 Marvel Overpower IQ:
     ANY HERO: Power Leech
     APOCALYPSE: Techno-virus
     BISHOP (IQ)
     CABLE (IQ)
     CABLE: Askani'son
     DEADPOOL: Don't Lose Your Head!
     ELEKTRA: Ninja Trap
     IRON MAN (IQ)
     MANDARIN: Energy Void
     MISTER SINISTER: Cloning Process
     MISTER SINISTER: Marauder
     NAMOR: Sub-Mariner
     NICK FURY: Battle Strategy
     NIGHTCRAWLER: Power 'Port
     OMEGA RED: Carbonadium Synthesizer
     ONSLAUGHT: Cannon Fodder
     PROFESSOR X: Mindwipe
     PSYLOCKE: Crimson Dawn
     RED SKULL: Cosmic Cube
     RED SKULL: Evil Super Soldier
     SHE HULK (IQ)
     THOR (IQ)
     THOR: Viking Pyre
     WHITE QUEEN: Telepathic Manipulator
     WOLVERINE: Canucklehead
  • 1996 Marvel Overpower Promo (Onslaught):
     HOLOCAUST: Apocalyptic Minion
     HOLOCAUST: Consume Lifeforce
     HOLOCAUST: Death Cannon
     HOLOCAUST: Impervious Crystal
     HOLOCAUST: Otherwordly Evil
     ONSLAUGHT: Dark Enigma
     ONSLAUGHT: Mutant Gestalt
     ONSLAUGHT: Psychic Absorption
     POST: Gather Info
     POST: Lethal Tester
     POST: Protective Plates
     MISSION: Assault on Onslaught #1
     MISSION: Assault on Onslaught #2
     MISSION: Assault on Onslaught #3
     MISSION: Assault on Onslaught #4
     MISSION: Assault on Onslaught #5
     MISSION: Assault on Onslaught #6
     MISSION: Assault on Onslaught #7
     EVENT: [Assault on Onslaught] "Mutant Rebels Held Captive!"
     EVENT: [Assault on Onslaught] "Rebel Forces Regroup!"
     EVENT: [Assault on Onslaught] "Strategy Destroyed!"
  • 2001 Recharge CGC Inaugural Edition: 7, 101, 151, 157, 227, 240
  • 2002 Recharge 2 CGC: 151, 157, 192, 196, 201, 229

Spider-Man Trading Stickers

I am looking for 315 issue(s) in this section.