Spider-Woman (Vol. 3) #17


Bess is back, now burning like Shadrac. Mattie has escaped from having been sealed inside Flesh. Hmm... does this seem rather... weird to you?

Story 'Bones May Crack and Flesh May Boil!'

The origin of Flesh and Bones continued revealing that when the parents left their children, they made the twins promise that they would never leave, betray, or dessert their sister, Bonnie. Meanwhile, back to the action, Bess put the room on fire, while Spider-Girl ran away. Exhausted, her powers depleted, she wishes she was home. She wakes up at home, unaware how she made it back. After a shower, she realizes the horrible truth - her face has aged into a shriveled skull! Returning to her original costume (that covers her face), Spider-Woman flies back to the burnt warehouse where she last saw the villains. There she met Rosa. Rosa explained that her condition is part of an ancient curse, and introduces her to her twin sister, Marie Esteves. Seems the curse works on twins, as Rosa and Marie passed the curse onto Donna and Bess. Since Spider-Woman had no twin, the curse was slowly killing her.

Overall Rating

This is getting more silly and contrived, rather than creepy. One and a half webs.