Spider-Woman (Vol. 3) #16


Maddie and Cher have been suspended from school. Flesh attacked Mattie in front of Cher, blowing her secret identity. Mattie awakens stitched inside of Flesh, her power muted by the gastly duo if Itch and Scratch.

Story 'You Are What Eats You'

Mattie struggles to free herself from her captivity within Donna (aka Flesh). While she struggles, memories of Flesh revel her and her sister's origin. The twins, Donna and Bess Bliss, were fashion models obsessed with weight loss. Rejected by weight loss specialists (since they were already below doctor recommended weights) they sought desperate means to remove all body fat. They returned home to visit their obese sister Bonnie out o f obligation to their absent parents. Bonnie was jealous of her "lucky" thin sisters, and they hated her for being a burden. After an argument, Bonnie collapsed from a weak heart. Bess suggested getting help, but Donna insisted they do nothing and let her sister die. The caretaker, Rosa, met the twins outside, and took them to her grandmother for a solution to their "problem" in exchange for their souls. Lacking belief in their souls , the twins agreeded to the ritual, and drank a potion from the old lady. After falling asleep, they awoke not having to worry about body fat ever again - Bess had been turned into the living skeleton , while Donna awoke as an empty sack of skin.

When the memories of their origin completely integrated into Mattie, Itch and Scratch reveals that they are actually the parents of the twins. Mattie ripped out of Flesh's back with her spider-legs, playing possum. At the same time, Bess returned, despite her apparent death, but now on fire similar to Shadraq.

Overall Rating

Gross and creepy, but not in a particularly appealing sort of way. One and a half webs.