Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #421 (Story 1)


Not much important stuff here, other than the Rose and the Black Tarantula have a little bit of a feud going on, and Peter and Mary Jane are going back to ESU.

Story 'And Death Shall Fly Like A Dragon!'

I honestly thought that Spider-Man had better villains than to keep making up pathetic clones -er, pardon me - copies of overused villain cliches like this. If you haven't read this 'mic, it's all about Angela Yin's cousin from Korea and her fight against a band of evil ninja. Turns out the ninja are working for the Black Tarantula, another lightweight villain, IMHO. Spider-Man interferes, and the leader of the ninja (who calls himself the Dragonfly) commits some sort of ritual suicide at the end to atone for his shortcomings as he fails to kill Yin's cousin Heiko, another master ninja and his ex-fiancee. At the end, Heiko takes her old boyfriend's role as the Dragonfly under an evil sensei.

General Comments

I'm getting sick and tired of the Rose vs. Black Tarantula stuff. Hopefully ASM will bring the absolute end of this nonsense, and maybe the end of Skroce? Cross your li'l webbed fingers, true believers!

Overall Rating

Two webs.