Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #400 (Story 1)

Story 'The Gift'

After 400 issues of ASM, and thirty-four years worth of appearances, Peter Parker's Aunt May finally passed away. Recently, in Amazing #391, Aunt May had yet another heart attack, this one brought on by the trauma of the supposed return of Peter's parents and their subsequent exposure as in-genuine. She fell into a coma, and stayed that way for eight issues.

In issue 400 she recovers and returns home for a week, during which time May, Peter, Mary Jane, and Mary Jane's Aunt Anna spend the week together, enjoying each other's company. At the top of the Empire State building, May shocks Peter by telling him that she has known for years that he is Spider-Man. She apparently denied it to herself for that time.

Peter spends a few last, quiet hours with her, and she silently passes away. The funeral is held, and she is buried next to Uncle Ben. The Scarlet Spider shows up later, to pay his respects privately.