Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #72

Story 'Rocked By--The Shocker!'

"Forgive my sudden entrance Stacy - but I happen to be in a hurry!" says the Shocker as he blasts through a wall into Captain Stacy's study and knocks the man out with a low-intesity vibro-shock blast. The Shocker is here for a priceless clay tablet, and he finds it when he uses his wrist units for the purpose with which they were invented and knocks the door off of Captain Stacy's safe.

Gwen Stacy hears the commotion and rushes into the room, but the Shocker has what he wants and he leaves while assuring the girl that her father will be fine. Captain Stacy soon revives, "I thought the tablet would be safe here with me! I didn't count on being attacked by someone as powerful as the Shocker!" Gwen asks, "Dad, didn't the Shocker once battle Spider-Man to a standstill? If he's at large again - how can anyone hope to stop him?"

The Shocker's next stop is a pawn shop. The propietor is just closing up when the Shocker makes a new door. "The Shocker! Wh-what are you doin' here! I'm just small potatoes to a guy like you!" The Shocker replies, "To me, you're nothing! but you know how to reach the big boys! I want you to contact them! Tell 'em I have the stolen tablet! I'm gonna fence it to the highest bidder!"

"You can't!" says the proprietor, "It's too late! Ever since Spider-Man snatched it from the Kingpin himself, no one'll touch it! It's too hot! No one wants to tangle with the wall-crawler again!"

"They don't, huh?" says the Shocker. He then blasts the hapless pawn shop owner and begins trashing the place. "So they're afraid of the web-slinger, are they? I'll give 'em something to really be scared of!" He blasts into the street to make sure everyone gets the message. The police soon cordone off the entire area, but lose the Shocker on the rooftops. But the rooftops are Spidey territory, as the Shocker well knows.

Spider-Man, having heard of the Shocker's rampage on the news, surprises the Shocker with a quip and a kick to the face. "Spider-Man! I thought you'd drop by!" says the Shocker as he recovers. Spidey thinks, "He's still conscious! Must have used his vibrating power again, to deflect my blow! I almost forgot what a deadly opponent the Shocker can be! He doesn't even sound hurt!"

The battle begins in earnest as the Shocker toys with Spidey, hurling blast after blast, bringing a chimney down on the web-swinger and then blasting the roof under Spidey's feet so he falls into the hole. While peering down after Spidey the Shocker gets two feet in his face as Spider-Man swings back into the open. The Shocker is out, or so Spider-Man thinks. As he picks the Shocker up the Shocker grabs him by the head and then punches him off of the rooftop taunting, "It's a pity you can't fly!"

But Spider-Man's webbing saves him again and the Shocker yells after him, "I'll finish you off yet - but it'll be me who picks the time and place!" As the Shocker turns to leave Spider-Man tags him with a Spider-tracer.

Later, Spidey follows his Spider-tracer right to the Shocker. The Shocker has just totaled an armored car and is making off with the loot. Spider-Man swings in and wraps his legs around the Shocker's head from behind. Continuing his swing he carries the Shocker right into a brick wall. "I'll say one thing for you, Shockie - you sure can take your lumps!" says Spidey.

"I let you live the last time we met! But now - I won't be so merciful!" replies the Shocker. He again begins hurling blast after blast at the web-slinger, really pouring it on. Spider-Man thinks to himself, "Lucky he telegraphed that blast! I was able to leap over it! But I can't keep dodging all of them! That one was too close! Think, Spidey - think!"

But Spider-Man doesn't think quickly enough as the Shocker brings down the entire side of a building on the wall-crawler. Spider-Man shoots webbing under himself to help cusion his fall, and shoots webbing above himself to cusion the debris. The Shocker think he's won and begins to leave, but Spider-Man shoots a web-strand at him from under the rubble, wrapping the villains feet together.

The Shocker quickly vibrates free as Spidey rushes towards him, right into one of the Shocker's jack-hammer punches. "It'll take more than that to down me!" says Spider-Man as he flips away from the Shocker's next jack-hammer blow. Clinging to a wall he picks the Shocker off his feet. As the Shocker fires up at Spidey the wall-crawler lets him go. The force of the Shocker's own blast sends him crashing to the ground. Spider-Man then gives the Shocker a facefull of webbing and punches him out cold. "You shouldn't have told me how your vibro-power deflects my blows! You convinced me to use my Sunday punch!" says Spider-Man. Spider-Man is then fired upon by the armored car gaurds and he swings off. The gaurds find the Shocker, and the money, and realize they were wrong about Spider-Man's motives.