Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #177

Story 'Goblin in the Middle'

Seeing Flash falling, Spider-Man remembers when Gwen Stacy was thrown to her death by the original Green Goblin. Leaping after him, Spidey grabs Thompson and flings him to the safety of the roof. The Goblin gets away. Spider-Man reminds himself to keep his Goblins straight: "It was Norman Osborn who killed Gwen Stacy! Harry is just carrying on his father's dementia!" Flash isn't so sure. "His voice...his powers...that was the real Green Goblin, Spidey -- and heaven only knows what he's done with my roommate!"

At his headquarters, the Goblin taunts a hooded, bound figure. "I owe you a great deal from our psychiatric sessions together -- but I won't hesitate to kill you if necessary!" Leaving, the Goblin crashes a meeting of underworld figures, lead by syndicate boss Silvermane. "You look surprised, Silvermane -- you shouldn't be! The Green Goblin has sought control of this city 's crime combine for years!"

"What could you possibly offer us that we don't already have?" demands Silvermane.

"I can eliminate the Web-Slinger for you permanently! You see, I know who Spider-Man really is!!"

Watching from a ventilation shaft, Spider-Man knows his worst fears are about to come true. "There's no way I can reach the Goblin in time to stop him! The Green Goblin is about to reveal my secret identity -- and when he does -- Spider-Man is finished!!"