Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #92

 Posted: 2004


Since everyone in town wants Spider-Man dead, and who wouldn't for five million, Peter dons four different identities so he can still fight crime. Assuming the shroud of Dusk, a freedom-fighting legend from the negative zone, Spidey gets deeply involved in the happenings behind the Spider-Hunt.

Story 'Stuck In The Middle With You!'

The book opens with the Trapster sitting down at a table, surrounded by a bunch of tuxedoed killers called the waiters. But, they don't stand much of a chance against the combined forces of Trapster and Dusk. After cleaning up the bad guys, Dusk tells Trapster he's got some personal business to attend to, and disappears into the night. MJ finds him at home in the shower. She thinks he's been taking a lot of showers lately because he feels dirty, hanging with super-villains. The two slip into bed and go to sleep.

The next day, at ESU, Paul Stacy and Peter at each other's necks, and Paul ridicules Peter's work in front of a bunch of students. The professor pulls Peter outside to shake him down about his personal life, and suggests he leave the project if he can't handle his schedule. Just then, Osborn shows up and in a pathetic display, pleads with the professor to keep Parker on the project.

Later at the Stacy household, Arthur is hooking a wire up to Dusk, when Jill walks in. Dusk fades into the shadows. Jill tells her father that Paul has stopped taking his medication. Paul overhears, and tells them both he'll soon be moving out. Arthur tells Jill to go rest. After they leave, Arthur tells Peter that he might be able to help his family after this whole thing is said and done.

Dusk and Trapster, after shaking off a bunch of crooks, decide to go after the man himself. After sneaking into Osborn's secret hide-out, Trapster confronts him. When Osborn summons his goons, Dusk cleans them up. Trapster gets real antsy, and wants to kill Osborn. Dusk stops him just short, and the two tussle again. After Norman leaves, Dusk gives the Trapster the perfect idea for getting back at Norman; turn himself in. Next thing we see is the Trapster on TV, confessing that he framed Spider-Man, and that he killed Joey Z. Peter turns off the TV and goes upstairs to take a long shower.

General Comments

Dusk interest me, and I liked Dusk's interaction with the Trapster, a villain I didn't know much about. I thought the whole story-arc flowed smoothly, and there weren't any bumps. Loose ends were tied up (like the Arthur Stacy meeting I've been bitching about for months), and it all ended very well.

Overall Rating

Four webs again. God only knows what lies in store for the Parker's in the near future, but at least they got through this debacle okay. I hear Marvel is going to milk the Identity Crisis for all it's worth and create a team book, dressing up four shmucks in Spidey's alternate identities. That's too bad - it destroys the novelty of the whole story-arc. Oh well, the money machine rolls on...

 Posted: 2004