Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #91

 Posted: 2004


Since everyone in town wants Spider-Man dead, and who wouldn't for five million, Peter dons four different identities so he can still fight crime. Assuming the shroud of Dusk, a freedom-fighting legend from the negative zone, Spidey gets deeply involved in the happenings behind the Spider-Hunt.

Story 'Undercover'

A dark figure is strolling through the New York alleyways when he is jumped by a group of ninjas. Apparently someone has put out a contract on ol' Paste Pot Pete, and the red-suited assassins seek to collect. Minutes later, Trapster emerges from the alley, with a bunch of glued-up ninjas sticking to the walls.

Switch to the Parker house, where Peter is dressing up in a combination of all the costumes. Peter gets frustrated with the whole identity thing, and decides to dress up as Spider-Man. Mary Jane tells him she's too young to be waiting around for Peter to come home, or to hear he's been killed fighting evil. Peter acknowledges her distress, but thwips out the window anyway.

Later, at Cyprus Hill Cemetery, Spidey meets with Arthur Stacy and Detective Snipes from the police station. Snipes confirms that the webbing used to kill Joey Z wasn't a match with Spidey's sample. Peter deduces that the Trapster concocted the fake webbing for Osborn to frame Spidey.

After some goofing around at ESU with the Dusk costume, Peter catches up with Trapster as Dusk. The two tango a little, until Shocker shows up. Seems like he's willing to do in his former partner to collect on the reward. Shocker, with his augmented power, gives the two a serious run for their money, until Dusk finally subdues him a barrage of blows. Trapster is impressed, and agrees to help Dusk get revenge on Osborn.

General Comments

At first, I thought the Identity Crisis was just another lame attempt to cash in on the Spidey name, but its actually turning out to be pretty cool. I like Dusk a lot, even though I'd like to see his powers defined a little better. Plus, I'm getting interested in all the things going on in the Stacy house.

Overall Rating

I'm going to give it both issues four webs. Solid writing, and always excellent artwork make this still my fav Spidey title.

 Posted: 2004