She-Hulk (Vol. 3) #11

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 Posted: 2007


Holden Holliway - one of the senior partners in the law firm where Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) works - has assigned her the task of supervising his teenaged super-powered delinquent granddaughter Southpaw in the hopes that Jennifer can help reform her. So far ... well they're forced roommates and they hate each other.

In She-Hulk (Vol. 3) #7 She-Hulk was asked to join the Magistrati, an elite group of individuals that act as the voice of the Living Tribunal, the embodiment of universal justice. She was ultimately called to liberate the planet Skardon from Tryco Slatterus (by Skardonian law, the champion of the boxing ring rules the planet). This required an intense three month training period that increased her strength geometrically. One "side bet" made was that if Slatterus loses, he can no longer use the Infinity Gem of Power - ever. As expected he got whupped pretty good.

Upon her return to Earth, She-Hulk was attacked by Titania, but due to her increased power levels, Titania was brushed aside - I think to New Jersey.

Tryco Slatterus later sought out the Watcher Zoma and told him of his interest in revenge against She-Hulk. Zoma shows him that Titania could be used in his scheme. Zoma rats her out because She-Hulk ruled against his cousin Qyre in a Magistrati case. Tryco arrives on Earth and easily convinces Titania to join him when he presents her with the Infinity Gem of Power.

Story 'Imbalance of Power'

After weeks of training Titania in the proper use of the Infinity Gem of Power, Slatterus is satisfied that she is prepared to confront She-Hulk. When Titania asks why he's doing all this, he describes his humiliating defeat and that now - by his word of honor - he can no longer use the Power Gem. Upon hearing this, Titania crushes him with a massive bolder.

At the Excelsior apartments - where Jennifer, Pug, Awesome Andy, and Ditto all live - Jennifer and Southpaw meet at the bathroom door. Jennifer is unaware that she's reverted to human form. Southpaw reacts before she can change, hitting her over the head and tries to ditch her gamma-powered tormentor. When she opens the door, she is blocked by Dr. Leonard Samson paying a visit.

They drop Southpaw off at Awesome Andy and Ditto's apartment while Jennifer and Samson have their "session". Andy was established as "backup" due to his ability to match any super-power in issue #9 of this series. Southpaw is less resentful of Andy and doesn't try as hard to leave.

Samson informs She-Hulk that he's here today at the request of Mr. Fantastic. Reed mentioned to him that she was having transformation problems. Jen explains that years ago she was exposed to additional radiation that prevented her from turning back into Jennifer Walters. During the Avengers "Red Zone" case, Jack of Hearts inadvertently altered the gamma radiation in her body, causing her to temporarily turn into a "savage" She- Hulk. During this time she destroyed the town of Bone, Idaho. Thankfully no lives were lost. Once she returned to New York, she began having a series of one-night stands that sometimes ended with her reverting to human form in the morning.

Samson interrupts her and guesses that this was around the time she hooked up with Juggernaut. Jen vehemently denies that ever happened. Samson says she's intentionally blocking that memory. She ignores him and continues filling him in on recent events, specifically the guilt of her involvement in the death of the Vision. The Scarlet Witch recently suffered a mental breakdown and through her hex powers, manipulated key members of the Avengers to turn against the team. Other members were killed during the ensuing battle. The financial and political fallout from this caused the original team to disband.

Back at the Excelsior apartments, Titania arrives demanding She-Hulk face her. (Titania hired a private investigator to find her in issue #9, so she knows where Jen lives). Her destructive search brings out Ditto. When he tries to hide in his apartment, she breaks down the door and demands to know where she is. Andy is unable to match her power and is easily overpowered. Titania trashes their apartment until Ditto reveals that she may be at Timely Plaza. Titania jumps through the roof headed toward GLK&H. Despite their cutting-edge protective energy field, Titania enters the building. All employees are evacuated; Mallory Book is seriously injured during the attack.

Samson finally reveals to Jen that the reason she couldn't revert back to human form is because she didn't want to. When she brings up Richard's transformation "lock", he admits that Richards lied to her at his request. Richards couldn't find anything physically wrong, so the cause had to be mental. Their session is interrupted by the sound of the Timely Plaza building collapsing. They quickly make their way back to find Titania waiting for a rematch.

Despite Jen's best efforts, she is unable to land one decent punch. Titania knocks her around for a while until she drives her through a subway tunnel into an oncoming car. The cumulative effect causes her to lose concentration and reverts back to human form - just as Titania grabs a very large chunk of tunnel and prepares to crush her with it.

General Comments

I'm not the first person to say this, but I will reiterate it: Dan Slott knows his Marvel history. Mixing elements of the John Byrne-era She-Hulk with recent events AND his own story into one issue? Not exactly an easy task, but Slott makes it look like child's play.

The decision of Chuck Austen (I'm blaming him since he was the writer on Uncanny X-Men at the time) for She-Hulk to do the "Juggernaughty" has resulted in ticking off many comic fans. There are those - I'm going to guess Slott falls into this category - that see this as a source of amusement and just go with it. I share this opinion. Since it can't be undone, laugh at it for the rediculous decision that it was, is, and will always be.

Overall Rating

4.5 webs. Action, comedy, a great cliff-hanger, and an in-depth knowledge of Marvel history combine to form a great issue.


The infamous / controversial / generally nauseating She- Hulk/Juggernaut "team up" occurred in Uncanny X-Men #435 & #436. It's kinda hard to dispute this. However since it occurred after 2002 and doesn't bear the Comics Code seal, it's not a legal document and really wouldn't stand up in court. (Small inside joke from She-Hulk (Vol. 3) #2 ... ok *I* thought it was funny)

The Scarlet Witch was corrupted by her powers and went insane. She caused She-Hulk to rip the Vision in half. This occurred in Avengers #500 (not reviewed here), however Avengers #501 is available.

The additional radiation/transformation "lock" occurred in The Sensational She-Hulk Graphic Novel (Marvel Graphic Novel #18).

 Lookback: Lost Classics
 Posted: 2007