She-Hulk (Vol. 3) #7

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 Posted: 2007


She-Hulk has recently been assigned to supervise the superhuman villain Southpaw - who happens to be Holden Holliway's granddaughter. Holliway is one of the partners in the firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway where She- Hulk is employeed.

The troubled Southpaw helped She-Hulk and others recapture the Mad Thinker's minions after their jailbreak from the Big House.

During the course of a few days, She-Hulk and Southpaw have gotten on each other's last nerve.

Story 'Space Cases'

  She-Hulk (Vol. 3) #7
Summary: Spider-Man's fingers behind She-Hulk's head in her Avengers Identicard picture
Arc: Part 1 of 'Universal Laws' (1-2-3)
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Dan Slott
Pencils: Juan Bobillo
Inker: Marcela Sosa

On the planet Skardon, Beta-Ray Bill prepares to fight the Skardonian champion Tryco Slaterus in a boxing ring to end his tyrannical reign. By Skardonian law, might makes right. Anyone wishing to dispose of the ruler must defeat them in a boxing ring without the aid of any weapons. Bill has thrown his Asgardian-spawned might into the ring to save the planet. He is quickly and easily defeated by Tryco whose power is augmented by the "power primordial". The match is judged by a member of the mysterious Magistratri.

Back on Earth, She-Hulk, Holliway, and Southpaw are entering into the second hour of an argument in his office. Mallory Book, Awesome Andy, and Pug are listening at the door. Holliway tries to quiet them down as they exchange insults. She-Hulk resents being manipulated into being a gamma-powered babysitter for an ungrateful brat; Southpaw resents the whole situation, thinking she's capable of taking care of herself and enjoys antagonizing Jennifer.

He explains that the whole reason he started this new type of practice was to give the troubled and extremely powerful Southpaw a second chance. He admits to She-Hulk that part of the reason he actively sought her for the firm was to provide a role model for Southpaw - as Jennifer Walters.

On Skardon, Adam Warlock, Gamora, and Pip the Troll recruit the Sh'iar Gladiator to combat Tryco. He too fails.

Back on Earth, members of the Magistrati appear in Holliway's office and offer She-Hulk an opportunity to join their ranks. As Holliway explains, The Magistrati represent the Living Tribunal, the embodiment of universal justice. Their existence is known only to select law firms. He highly recommends that - regardless of her opinion of him - she accept their offer. This is a rare honor to be part of this elite crowd. Jennifer takes his advice and accepts their offer. As they begin transporting her away to preside over her first case, she mentions to them that Southpaw is her responsibility; they bring her along, much to her dismay. They are welcomed to the Star Chamber by none other than the Living Tribunal.

One of her cases involve the Watchers Uatu, Zoma, and Qyre. They are the defendants in a privacy case. Qyre discovered a race of extremely reclusive beings that refuse to be observed by anyone - including Watchers. They are so reclusive they not appear directly in court; they speak through the robotic court reporter. The basis of the case is that their privacy has been violated and they have been seen by an entire race of beings.

Zoma corrects them and informs She-Hulk that only Qyre has "seen" them. The Watchers periodically hold a "gathering" where they share the information on their observations from their assigned sectors. Since there has not been a gathering since their discovery, Qyre is the only being to have actually seen them. She-Hulk suggests that Qyre remain silent and ban him from all future gatherings. The recluses accept this solution and Qyre's mouth is literally sealed shut.

On Skardon, Adam Warlock volunteers to fight Tryco and fails. Gamora has to call the fight before he is beaten to death. The Magistrati referee asks if there is another challenger. Pip answers that there are none left. When asked if he would like a court-appointed representative, Pip answers with a deliberate "yes". He then contacts She-Hulk through her court reporter.

General Comments

I get the impression that Slott was watching one of the Rocky movies and thought that he should incorporate a boxing match into this story. For the most part, this works. Setting up the Champion as a galactic bad boy that can take out Beta Ray Bill and the Gladiator makes one wonder exactly how She-Hulk will fare when she is called into the ring.

One thing that I challenge is the decision to eternally silence Qyre. Where is it written that plaintiffs have to win their case? The Watchers watch everything, that's part of the job description. The recluses were concerned that they had been seen by beings that literally see everything. If they were being viewed by any other race in a voyeur situation, they might have a stronger case, but this is excessive.

Overall Rating

3.5 webs. My issue with the Qyre case notwithstanding, this was an interesting issue. I don't always agree with the Supreme Court, but one "bad" decision doesn't invalidate everything they do.


The pay-per-view fight between She-Hulk and Tryco occurs next issue (which is not reviewed on this site). However the next reviewed issue She-Hulk (Vol. 3) #10 contains a recap.

 Lookback: Lost Classics
 Posted: 2007