Marvel vs. DC: Preview


This book was a free promotional item for the DC vs. Marvel / Marvel vs. DC crossover. The entire purpose was to get fans excited enough to buy the issues and vote on the outcomes of the major battles. A ballot was included in this item.

This issue consists of a preview of the first 8 pages of DC vs. Marvel #1 which (at the time of this writing) has already been reviewed. Nothing new will be added.

Story Details

  Marvel vs. DC: Preview
Summary: Free Preview (Includes Voting Form and Trading Cards) Spider-Man Appears

Manhattan, NY, Marvel-Earth: Ben Reilly is swinging around thankful that the powers-that-be have given him a night with no crime. He is content with his decision to return to New York and resume his life as Spider-Man. The second those words leave his mouth, his spider-sense begins buzzing. Following it to the source, he notices a glowing cardboard box in an alleyway. The box begins to emit light beams which strike him, causing him to disappear.

An unidentified man on the street also sees the light and checks it out. He asks the homeless man sitting against it if he is alright. The homeless man asks the stranger to help him contain it, which the stranger refuses and walks away.

Gotham City, USA, DC-Earth: A disoriented Spider-Man awakens and finds himself on a rooftop in the pouring rain face-to-face with the Joker. The Joker doesn't identify himself, but comments on Spider-Man's change in wardrobe. When asked Joker informs him that he's in Gotham City. Spider-Man has no knowledge of Gotham City nor of the crazed clown in front of him.

Admitting that the rain has ruined the detonation of the building he had planned, the Joker gives him his calling card (a playing card with a picture of a joker, not the Joker-venom) and dives off the building, opening a parachute to slow his fall.

Westchester, NY, Marvel-Earth: Gambit, Storm, and Wolverine are fighting the Juggernaut when he mysteriously disappears. In the blink of an eye, Juggernaut is in front of the Daily Planet. The punch intended for Wolverine has made a large crater in the building. While the Juggernaut tries to regain his bearings, he's knocked to the group by Superman, who informs Juggy that "he's in the wrong place".

The remainder of the issue is a series of profiles on Superman, Hulk, Captain America, and Batman

General Comments

Ok, this was a good promotional item. You really want to see Superman fight the Juggernaut, since Superman wouldn't have to hold back. Since Juggy's powers are mystical in nature, I'm wondering what effect that will have on Superman who is vulnerable to magic.

Overall Rating

3 webs. Good freebie to get people excited about the crossover.


Joker met up with the *real* Spider-Man in the 1995 Spider-Man and Batman One-Shot where - as one would guess - Batman & Spidey teamed up to stop the Joker and Carnage.