Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #4

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


What we have here? Issue 4 of cashing in on the new "ultimate" timeline or....? Read on!

Story Details

The story opens with Peter Parker giving a speech at his school about Tony Stark. We learn the history of Tony, of how he became both a billionaire and Iron Man. Yep, you read it correctly, it is commonly known that Tony Stark is Iron Man! After this lecture, Peter gets invited to represent his school at the international science expo at the United Nations as a guest of Stark International.

Move to Tony Stark. He's talking busines with a guy named Golog who apparently works for the president of Latveria. We never learn his name, but I bet his first name is Victor. ;-) Tony refuses to sell the irontech tehnology because it would most certainly be used to destroy mankind rather than put to good use. He is very rude and tells Golog to leave.

After the meeting, Tony gets ready to go to the science expo. Looking out the window, he sees Spider-Man swing by. At the expo, Spidey changes back into his civies and as Peter Parker he's enjoying himself at the exhibit. Then during one of the presentations, some armored guys fly in and start shooting. Iron Man engages them and, well, the story ends with a nice cliffhanger. After being hit, Iron Man falls down to the ground. Defenseless, he asks Peter Parker to get some help...

General Comments

We get a cool introduction followed by a regular fight. Which, unlike the one in the previous issue, is not some stupid brawl. It's between some crooks who try to steel the irontech and Iron Man, who intercepts but gets his butt kicked. All Spidey did, was swing by. It looks like Brian Michael Bendis is saving Spidey's action scenes for a big finale.

Overall Rating

Well, I really liked this book. Perhaps it's because I haven't read that many Iron Man comics and the character was relatively new to me. I found many interesting items in his history and am looking forward for the next installment of this story. I would like to give this book 4 webs, but I will not. I liked the story, but it was too short. Also, I disliked the artwork. I must admit, it's a great read, but I just do not like the art itself. Sorry guys, I'm just not a fan of Mike Allred.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)