House of M #6

 Title: House of M
 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)


Using Layla Miller, a mysterious girl with powers that can make people remember the proper world, the heroes are assembled. And they're off to Genosha to turn the world back to the way it used to be...

Story Details

After taking control of a SHIELD heli-carrier (thanks to Emma Frost and her telepathic powers) the team are flying to Genosha.

Meanwhile, at their destination, Magneto is having having a big party hosted by the House Of Magnus. Some of the guests are Victor Von Doom, King T'Challa, Princess Ororo Of Kenya and Genis-Vell.

Back on the ship, Cyclops is gives the team a little talk, saying about how they can't hold back on this mission. They have to win. But Jessica (Spider- Woman) brings up the point of saying that why are they changing the world back? Everyone got what they wanted. And what right have they to decide to change the whole world. But the team dismisses those points and continues with Scott's plans...

When the team finally land in Genosha, their plan starts. Suddenly, a giant homo-sapien robot hunter nose dives towards the House Of Magnus party but gets stopped at the last second. And the heroes jump in and havoc starts.

But then, Emma Frost, Layla and Cloak discover the Charles Xavier Memorial. Just when they thought it was over, Cloak reveals that there's no bones, no coffin and Xavier isn't there. It's not over yet.

General Comments

I'm very mixed about this issue. On one hand I think that this issue wasn't totally necessary and the pace slowed down quite a lot in some parts. But on the other at times it was good to see the heroes preparing. Jessica's speech was very good and asked a lot of good points. And, even though I said this last issue, next issue is surely going to be an all out action issue. And with all these other super-powered people who were attending the party at Genosha the heroes are going to have an even tougher battle.

Olivier Coipel delivers solid art this issue once again though Scott Summers sometimes looks very square-jawed. And although he only drew two pages of it this issue, the action sequences (especially the splash) were very good.

Overall Rating

I'm still giving it four webs because it was very good at times and you have to expect slower pacing from Bendis.

 Title: House of M
 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)