House of M #5


Logan and Luke Cage's group have found a girl (Layla Miller) who can make people remember what the world used to be like. Using her, they travel to old X-Man Emma Frost's house where Layla uses her powers. With Emma back the group is starting to get somewhere...

Story Details

  House of M #5
Summary: Spider-Man Appears

Inside Layla's brain, Emma investigates about her powers. Emma explains about what Layla is going to have to do to turn the world back to normal then they get out of Layla's brain.

Scott Summers walks in and is suprised until Layla makes him remember also. Peter Parker is next but he takes it badly and runs off. Logan follows and has a chat with him on top of a rooftop. Then Peter say's he's going to kill Magneto and his daughter.

Okay, moving on...

The group starts moving around the country, making various old allies remember. They come to Captain America's apartment where they find him old, a hundred years old actually because he was never frozen in that block of ice in WW2.

Back at base, everyone is suited up in their costumes when the SHIELD agents return and attack. Of course, Layla just makes them all remember and it's all finished. Then Logan reveals their plan: they're going straight to Magneto in Genosha.

At Genosha, Magneto stands in a memorial garden. The Xavier memorial garden...

General Comments

This story starts getting somewhere now with all the heroes ready, the plan set out and a good suprise ending. I liked the Peter Parker scene where he has that chat with Logan on the rooftop right until Peter says he's going to kill Magneto. Peter wouldn't kill anyone no matter how much they messed with him. I don't beleive that Peter would consider the thought of killing Magneto.

Despite that, this story improves on the last issues as it gets moving and looks like next issue will finally get some action. Once again, Olivier Coipel does a solid job on pencils and the double page splash of Peter's memories is great.

Overall Rating

This story starts moving and the heroes finally get together. I'm starting to get more interested now and hopefully Bendis won't dissapoint. 4 webs.