House of M #4


The normal Marvel universe is gone, replaced by one where mutants are the rulers, humans are treated like dirt and many of the world's super-heroes have changed dramatically. Wolverine is the only one who remembers what the world used to be and so he tries to investigate what has happened. While escaping SHIELD Red Guard units, and former teammates of his, he gets kidnapped by Cloak and brought to the base of Luke Cage's underground human resistance. Where he finds Hawkeye is still alive...

Story Details

  House of M #4
Summary: Spider-Man Appears

At Castle Magnus, Genosha Magneto's grandson shows him a model boat that he has made with this mind. Magneto say's nothing and seems rather distracted.

Back at Hell's Kitchen Hawkeye shoots an arrow into the back of Logan's head to get a tracker out of it. But they're too late. Giant human hunter robots attack the building but luckily most of the group escape thanks to Cloak.

They are brought to the empty office of the Kingpin where they have a big talk about the mess that's happened to the world. Logan thinks that Magneto made Scarlet Witch give everyone all that they ever wanted with the help of Charles Xavier. Including Magneto's own dream of mutants ruling the world.

During their little talk, Logan meets a girl that also remembers the old reality and who can make other people remember using her powers. So later, the group go to Emma Frost's house where the girl makes Emma remember the old world as well. She doesn't take it well. But once she recovers she says she's going to kill Magneto and his kids. Logan agrees, but they're going to need help first.

General Comments

Yeah, it's still not greatly impressing me much. There's nothing majorly wrong with it but for a crossover this big there needs to be something that really makes me want to continue. And at the moment it doesn't stand out from the crowd so much. It's what usually happens with a company wide crossover, just think of Secret War II or Acts Of Vengeance and it's the same as this; they're all very average and definitly don't deserve all the hype they're getting. But maybe this series will improve later? We're only half way into it and it could get better.

The art is once again solid and helps the unspectacular story with a nice clean, finished style to it. Nothing looks rushed and it has been like that all throughout the series thankfully.

Overall Rating

When reveiwing this series I keep coming back to the word "average". That's not a very good sign for a series that's supposed to 'change the Marvel Universe forever!'. I don't wanna sound too moany or anything but House Of M is a dissapointing company-wide crossover. 3 Webs (again).