House of M #3


The Avengers and The X-Men travel to Genosha to decide how to proceed with the now crazy Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. But while there, they are thrown into a whole different reality where mutants rule and humans are the oppressed minority. Peter Parker is a wrestling superstar, an actor and a scientist and lives with his wife Gwen Stacy and their son Richie. Tony Stark is a successful human in the buisness world and runs Stark Industries. Hell's Kitchen is known as Sapien Town where Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Black Cat, Moon Knight and the Sons Of The Tiger rule...

Story Details

  House of M #3
Summary: Spider-Man Appears

Logan is remembering events from his past (in the regular Marvel universe) when he suddenly realises he is on a SHIELD heli-carrier. When he learns what this reality is like he jumps off plummets back down to the city. He gets a newspaper and learns even more about this strange new world. He steals a motorbike then travels for Xavier's Mansion. Or what used to be Xavier's Mansion.

When he learns that the mansion is now just a normal family home he leaves and uses a phone booth to try and learn where Xavier is. He see's some mutants attacking a human being and stops them. Realising that he can't find Charles, Logan travels back to New York city and Stark Tower. But he gets met with his SHIELD teammates there who are trying to bring him back. A fight starts as Logan tries to escape on his motorbike. After defeating the pursuing Nightcrawler Logan get's encased in Cloak's cloak and is transported to a building in Sapien Town. Where he meet's the thought dead Hawkeye...

General Comments

This story remains readable but still slightly unspectacular. While it is better than I first expected it to be it isn't anything groundbreaking or especially good. And the return of Hawkeye? Well, if Bendis was trying to shock readers it didn't really work considering Hawkeye only died less than a year ago. It was too early for a return of Hawkeye and I'm sort of expecting that somehow Bendis will use this to bring Hawkeye back into the regular universe which will just ruin what effect the dismal Dissasembled event had. But Bendis might suprise me yet.

The art remains good, better than #1 and once again there is a good cover. Nice work by colourist Frank D'Armata also.

Overall Rating

A very average story with pretty good art gives this issue an 'alright' rating of 3.5 webs.