House of M #7

 Title: House of M
 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)


The group of heroes are now in Genosha, storming the island searching for Magneto to try and change the world back to normal. But they got some extra resistance as a formal party was happening as they attacked. And Genosha erupts into chaos...

Story Details

As the heroes fight with the world at stake, Dr. Strange (in his astral form) flies up to Wanda's quaters where she is playing with her children. They talk and Wanda seems very polite and calm. When Wanda learns that everyone is fighting outside she's sad. "The purpose of all this was that there would be no more fighting."

But then Wanda shows Doctor Strange what happened in Genosha before all this happened. While they were meeting to decide Wanda's fate, Pietro (Quicksilver) was horrified to learn that her former allies were considering killing his sister. They talk about what happened with Wanda and how Wanda wanted to change everything back. He explains that they could have everything they ever wanted, and so could everyone else. They would be true heroes.

So it wasn't Magneto that made Wanda to create this world. It was Pietro.

But, back at Wanda's quaters just as Dr. Strange asks where Professor X. is she gets shot by an arrow...

Back at the memorial garden, Magneto comes along where Emma, Layla and Cloak are. But Layla makes him remember the old world. And what Pietro did.

Back at the palace, Hawkeye is shouting at Wanda, outraged that she killed him. When one of the children gets mad, Wanda 'accidently' erases Hawkeye from existance.

Pietro's defeating everyone outside until Magneto comes back. And he isn't happy. He attacks Pietro until Wanda stops him. Then Wanda just can't handle it anymore, she's angry at her father for leaving her and Pietro for his mutant dream. "You chose this over us and your ruined us!"

And so, she gets powered up as she prepares her final act. "No More Mutants" The heroes are protected in a shield thanks to Dr. Strange and Emma Frost just as the world burns to white again...

General Comments

This issue was great. A cool fight scene, a real atmosphere of a big climax and a shocking twist. It wasn't Magneto after all, it was Pietro. The flashback sequence was great as was Magneto when he found out what Pietro had done. Him shouting in pure anger and going full power showed how outraged he was and Olivier Coipel's art improved this scene also with great facial expressions and-well basically great art. Mostly everything about this issue was good, from the fight scene at the beginning to the No More Mutants line at the end. And what will happen to the mutants of Earth? Will they all just fall over and die?

Well, Bendis, you pulled this story up from an average one at the beginning to a truly great one at the end. And it isn't over yet.

Overall Rating

5 webs. This story has improved over time and this really feels like a climax to a large crossover.

 Title: House of M
 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)