Quick Quiz on Mysterio

Q. 1 'The Man in the Goldfish Bowl'

What is the name of the original Mysterio?

 Richard Fisk
 Kain Marko
 Quentin Beck
 Stuart Peters

Q. 2 'Me and My Evil Friends'

Mysterio was a member of which team of Villains?

 Sinister Six
 Frightful Four
 Lethal Foes of Spider-Man
 Deadly Foes of Spider-Man

Q. 3 'Tricks Up My Sleeve'

Which of the following does Mysterio not usually carry around built into his costume.

 Oxygen Supply
 Gas Nozzles
 Hologram Projectors
 Short-Distance Teleporter

Q. 4 'The Doctor is In...'

Mysterio adopted the guise of Dr. Ludwig Rinehart in order to do what?

 Ruin Spider-Man's Reputation.
 Convince Spider-Man he was going insane.
 Learn how Spider-Man gained his powers.
 Steal a hidden treasure from the Parker Family home.

Q. 5 'Gonna Put You in the Talking Pictures...'

In Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4, Mysterio and The Wizard construct an elaborate plan on a Hollywood film stage to default who?

 Spider-Man and Human Torch
 Spider-Man and The Thing
 Spider-Man and Iceman
 Spider-Man and The Angel