Ms. Watson, This is Your Life.

Q. 1 'Ms. Watson.'

Spider-Man is one of a select group of Marvel Super-Heroes who are married to non Super-Powered wives. If you have a look at how their life is going right now, you can probably see why it is such a small group.

Personally, if I was M.J. I would have told Peter where to push his Pickled Personal Powers, and shot through long ago. Then again I'm just peeved she married him in the first place - after all those letters I wrote.

Way back when Peter was just out of short pants, we were treated to the occasional reference to Mary Jane for several issues, including a couple of obscured shots and a line or two. We didn't get to go see her face until Amazing Spider-Man 42.

What were her first words to Peter on that fateful day?

 Face it Tiger - You just hit the Jackpot!
 Hey Petey - What's Happenin'?
 Hey Tiger - Have I got news for you!
 Peter my Man - Let's go check out the scene!

Q. 2 'Meet the Folks.'

Details about Mary-Jane's family have been slowly forthcoming. When she first appeared, the only references were to her aunt. In Amazing Spider-Man 259 (shortly after Mary-Jane reveals she knows Peter's secret) we gain the background on her parents, particularly her father and sister.

Where do her father and sister live?

 Los Angeles

Q. 3 'Goin' to the Chapel.'

Peter and M.J. get married in June 1987, Amazing Spiderman Annual 21. Who is late to the wedding?

 Neither of them. Peter in fact is the first to arrive.
 Peter, after stopping to battle the Puma.
 Mary-Jane, after having second thoughts.
 Both of them are late.

Q. 4 'House Guests.'

M.J's cousin comes to stay, telling Peter and Mary-Jane that her folks sent her. What is her young cousin's name?


Q. 5 'Where is Your Mother, Little Girl?'

As it turns out, all is not well in her cousin's family. M.J.'s young cousin is a bulemic, and the parents are more than a little useless on the parenting front. In the young girl's own words - Dad is a Nazi, and Mom is a Space Cadet.

Where are they while their daughter is in New York?


Q. 6 'When Strikes the Slasher.'

In a rather unusual story, 'When Strikes the Slasher', someone is attacking M.J.'s fellow models. Which of the suspects turns out to be the real slasher, and attacks M.J.?

 The Security Guard
 Fellow Model Elyse
 Elyse's Weedy Admirer Harvey
 Harvey's Hired Goon Leslie

Q. 7 'Has Anybody Seen my Girl?'

Draw with great skill by Mr Todd McFarlane is Amazing Spider-Man 308, in which M.J. is kidnapped by Jonathan Caesar. Caesar is deeply, madly in love with her, beyond the point of sanity.

Whom does the nefarious Mr Caesar hire to defend against the untimely intervention of Spider-Man?

 The Scorpion
 The Hob-Goblin
 Jack 'O' Lantern
 Styx and Stone

Q. 8 'The Face is Familiar'

What is the name of the Soap M.J. stars in?

 Secret Hospital
 Santa Monica
 The Fair and the Famous
 The Years of our Lives

Q. 9 'Kiss Me you Fool!'

While Peter is away, M.J. is approached by Jason Jerome, a fellow soap star. She falls for his charms, but does she let him kiss her?

 No, she thinks of Peter and resists.
 Yes, in the back of a Limousine.
 Yes, in the back of a Horse-Drawn Carriage.
 Yes, on a park bench by the river.

Q. 10 'Way Back When.'

A long, long time ago Peter was hitting the scene with Gwen Stacy, rising a motorbike, and dressing very badly. I'm talking roughly Amazing Spiderman 50 through 100 here.

Peter and Gwen would often go out with a crowd of people, which included Mary-Jane. Who was M.J.'s date more often than not?

 Nobody. How could just one man could satisfy this girl!
 Harry Osborn.
 Flash Thompson.
 Ned Leeds.