Quiz on Ned Leeds

 Posted: 2009
 Fan: Julio Barone
Q. 1 'First Date'

What did Betty and Ned do on their first date?

 Went for a soda
 Went to a movie
 Went for a stroll in the park
 Had some ice scream

Q. 2 'Promotion'

When another Bugle reporter died, Ned's position was upgraded. To what?

 Foriegn Events Reporter
 Head Superhero Writer
 Human Interests Writer
 Head Crime Reporter

Q. 3 'Jealousy'

Who was Ned constantly jealous of at work?

 Ben Urich for his crime stories
 Lance Bannon for his photos
 Joy Mercado because she got all the good assignments
 Kate Cushing because she got the job Ned thought was his

Q. 4 'Brainwashed'

Which one of these things did Ned NOT do while under the Hobgoblin's influence?

 Get shot down by the Punisher
 Unmask himself in front of his estranged wife Betty and her lover Flash.
 Blackmail members of the country club.
 Get information on the Soviet Union in the 60's from Kingpin.

Q. 5 'Die, Die, Die'

Who was the one who requested Ned's death?

 Jason Macendale
 The Foriegner
 The Kingpin
 The Real Hobgoblin


 Posted: 2009
 Fan: Julio Barone