Critical Mass

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 Posted: 2003
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Has quite a gut on him.




6'10" (Approximate.)


500 pounds (Approximate.)


Leadership. And I'm not even sure about that.


Oh God, too many to mention. Let's see. Bad planner, too overweight to be effective, bad taste in costumes, tends to gloat at inappropriate moments, susceptible to just about any attack that can be devised, and probably anything else you care to add to this.


Can shoot force blasts from his hands.

Strength Level:

Appears to be normal in spite of his great size.



Created By:

Erik Larsen.

Current Occupation:

Buried in rubble.

Dual Identity:

Known only to Spider-Man.


At least up to fourth grade.

Former Bases:

The Acme Warehouse.

Former Groups:

Critical Mass and His Band of Baddies.

Former Occupation:

Evil mutant, leader of the Band of Baddies.

Known Allies:

The Band of Baddies (Whiplash II, Bloodlust, Savage Dragon-Type Guy, Peter Parker's Dentist).

Legal Status:

Among the missing.

Major Enemies:

Spider-Man, Wolverine, the little powerful mutant girl, "Mr. Beck" (the mutant girl's father).

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:

Unknown, presumably Queens, New York.

Real Name:

Arnie Gunderson.

Usual Bases:

Beneath the Acme Warehouse.


If Spider-Man can be believed, Critical Mass is Arnie Gunderson and he was in the same fourth grade class as Peter Parker. Already overweight, obnoxious, and evil, Arnie used to get his kicks by stealing Peter's lunch money.

Arnie grows up to become an extremely overweight evil mutant with the ability to shoot force blasts from his hands. Calling himself Critical Mass, he puts together a group of evil mutants known as his Band of Baddies. The group consists of Whiplash, Bloodlust, a guy who looks a bit like the Savage Dragon, and (for reasons unknown) the non-mutant dentist of Peter Parker who also happens to be the brother of the Burglar who killed Uncle Ben Parker.

The first thing the Band of Baddies do is to kidnap a powerful mutant girl and her father. They hide out in the Acme Warehouse, site of Spider-Man's capture of the Burglar, and hold the father at gunpoint in an effort to get the mutant girl to do their bidding. But Spider-Man and Wolverine crash the party and start a battle. Just when it looks like Wolverine is going to skewer Critical Mass with his claws, the mutant girl uses her powers to blow the entire building up. Critical Mass is apparently killed in the blast.

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Cover Date Appearance Information
May 1990 App: Marvel Comics Presents #49
  First appearance.
Jun 1990 App: Marvel Comics Presents #50
  Last appearance.
 In: Characters
 Posted: 2003
 Staff: Al Sjoerdsma (E-Mail)