Spider-Man: Secret of the Glass

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Spider-Man: Il Segreto Del Vetro (aka, "Le Secret Du Verre", aka "The Secret of the Glass") is quite unique in the Spider-Man library. In 2003 it became, as far as we can tell, the only Marvel-sanctioned original Spider-Man story to have been written in a language other than English.

The actual story itself is 22 pages long (i.e. typical comic length). The original Italian version was published in hardback with black and white artwork in 2003 and included 22 pages of bonus "making of" material.

In 2004 it was re-released in color format as an Italian paperback, in a smaller comic-sized profile and without bonus material. In that same year it was also released in French in the original hardback (large profile, color pages, bonus material). I don't believe that there was every any paperback French edition. Please let me know if I am incorrect in that assumption.

In 2008 it was finally published in English, in the "Marvel Europa (Vol. 1) TPB".

  Uomo Ragno: Il Segreto Del Vetro Hardback (B&W Art)
Review:     [3 Webs] by Matt Craig
Summary: Italian Language Original Graphic Novella
Editor: Enrico Fornaroli
Writer: Tito Faraci
Artist: Giorgio Cavazzano
Translation: Laurence Belingard (Italian to French)
Reprinted In: Marvel Europa
Reprinted In: Spider-Man: Le Secret Du Verre
Paperback (Color Art)
  Spider-Man: Le Secret Du Verre
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Summary: French Translation
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