Ultimate X-Men #37


Spidey and Wolverine have met twice before in the Ultimate universe and after some initial problems, get on pretty fine. Wolverine is on the run and Spidey is helping out. Daredevil has also been drawn into the fray.

Story Details

  Ultimate X-Men #37
Summary: Ultimate Spider-Man & Ultimate Daredevil Appear
Arc: Part 4 of 'Blockbuster' (1-2-3-4-5-6)
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: David Finch
Inker: Art Thibert

This issue starts with Jean having a vision of Wolverine laying on the ground bleeding and pleading with her to help him. She returns to herself in the mansion's kitchen and tells the others that Wolverine needs their help.

Meanwhile Wolverine is lying on the ground with a few bullets making an impression on his forehead. Psycho Chick (my little nickname for her) is kneeling over him, ready to shoot some more. DD is telling her to back off. It's a stand-off and getting a little tense. Into this tense situation swings Spidey! The Psycho Chick tells her squad, Sirius 9 (finally a name for these goons!), to fan out. They do this and start firing automatic weapons at the heroes.

DD takes charge and pulls Spidey behind a car. He's a little pissed with Spidey escalating the situation. Spidey snags a recovering Wolverine with a web-line and pulls him behind the car, as well. They're all pinned by the gun fire. DD tells them they need to get out quick as the van that is their shield is about to explode. They escape just in time and regroup in a nearby alley, where DD wants some answers. They fill him in on what they know, which isn't much. DD can overhear what they are saying and tells Wolverine that the Psycho Chick is on a nearby roof. Wolverine's not a happy camper, so he asks Spidey to get him up there to confront her.

Wolverine confronts her. Slaps her around a little. He wants to know who she is. She says she's his wife. Wolerine's taken aback and she uses this opening to punch him and tell him to die. Anyway, she also tells him that she's his mother, cousin and sister (Wolverine must have a pretty freaky family; I always knew in-breeding led to mutations...). She also tells him to die alot. They're interrupted by a helicopter with a Gatling gun. She makes her escape. Wolverine gets shot up again. As Wolverine is trying to recover Spidey asks him why he doesn't call in the X-Men. Wolverine makes an excuse as he starts to faint. Spidey says that he made a call to the X-Men and just then, for the final splash page, the X-Men arrive.

General Comments

This story is really good stuff. Everything about it is top notch. Buy it, read it and savour it. That's all I've got to say really!

Well, I guess I also wanted to say that I continue to really dig the great characterisation. Especially the take on DD this issue. Especially the moments where he gets angry and frustrated with Spidey and how Spidey reacts. Its great stuff. We finally get a bit more of an idea of the bad guys, and the X-Men finally make an appearance. Plus, the art is really nice and detailed.

Overall Rating

What more could you want? This is probably my favourite Spidey storyline at the moment, and it's not even Spidey's book!