Ultimate Power #6

Story Details

  Ultimate Power #6
Summary: Ultimate Spider-Man Appears

Stan (Blur) and Pietro (Quiksilver) are using their respective powers in cancelling each other out but whirling around at their top speeds. Iron Man is taking on Doctor Spectrum, while Ben and Power Princess are fighting. The Squadron have tried to match their big-hitters against their opponents as best they can after observing them in their own universe.

Meanwhile, Doctor Burbank is taunting Reed, who wants him to call the Squadron away from the Ultimate team. Burbank knocks him out with some gas.

On the Triskelion, Fury is up to something. He is hoping that, while the two teams battle each other, he can slip in unnoticed to get the probe. As he goes to leave, however, he is knocked unconscious by someone unseen using lightning bolts. The person says it was always the plan

As the fight goes on, something again unseen knocks out everyone who was fighting. Spider-Man confronts Fury, who is coming around. He wants to know what is going on – but Fury says they have to get to the probe before everyone gets killed. As Spidey and Fury race to the monitors, we see Doctor Doom.

Spidey watch: Spider-Man goes missing during the battle as he, presumably, keeps an eye on Nick Fury before confronting him near the end of the issue.

General Comments

This issue is much better – we find out that Doom (who was last seen heading to the zombie universe) is involved in the mission and wants to conquer a new universe. Meanwhile, Doctor Burbank is also raising the stakes with Reed. Of course we're nearing the inevitable point where all the heroes get together and realise they've been fighting the wrong people all along ... but I guess that was expected anyway.

Overall Rating

A nice cliffhanger at the end – but you do get the feeling both writers so far have been looking to get to the reveal at the close of their three-issue arc without putting too much into filling the prior three issues.