Ultimate Power #5

Story Details

  Ultimate Power #5
Summary: Ultimate Spider-Man Appears

Thor and Hyperion collide, with their powers fairly evenly-matched. Fury sends in Sue Storm and Jonny to buy himself time to locate Reed before Hyperion can attack them. Sue puts an invisible bubble around Hyperion which he cannot penetrate, while Jonny fills it fire and goes supernova.

Hyperion blasts his way out, with Jonny falling to the floor only saved by Sue. Thor goes to attack Hyperion but is slung to the ground, along with his hammer, which causes a crater.

Back on the Triskelion, Fury says Reed is in their equivalent of Washington DC. Spidey passes Captain America a note saying Fury isn't telling them something. Reed is being transferred but hears a commotion and stretches himself to see a battle breaking out between the two sides.

Spidey watch: Spider-Man has now been told by Kitty that Fury is up to something and he is seen in most of the scenes on the Triskelion.

General Comments

In a series that has been built on padding, this is the worst issue yet. All that happened is that the Ultimate team entered the Supremeverse and found Reed. And Spider-Man tipped Captain America off that something deeper is happening. That's it. 22 pages worth of story. Again, it looks terrific but there are only so many times you can see similar-looking battle scenes with no story involved - even if the art is very good.

We're over halfway into the nine-issue series and, in all honesty, not very much has happened. I can't even say that much in summary because there really isn't too much to sum up.

Overall Rating

What can I say? Nothing happens.


If you look at the 'swipe file' here you can see some of the criticisms of Greg Land's art.

It looks fabulous – but he has been accused of tracing certain elements and the evidence there is pretty damning.

The title is now three months behind schedule and sold around 62,784 copies - a whopping 51k down on its initial numbers.