Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #20

 Posted: Apr 2014
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)


Miles is at home with with his parents and Ganke. A TV crew had turned up to question Miles' Dad about his taking down of a group of Hydra goons. Jefferson (Miles' Dad) had followed the crew outside to try and get them to back off, when a monstrous Venom symbiote appeared...

Story Details

The Venom symbiote reveals that it thinks Jefferson is the new Spider-Man and is about to attack, when Miles quickly changes into his Spidey duds and attacks the symbiote. A battle ensues. During the battle the symbiote reveals that it knows a fair bit about the new Spidey. He knows about the Spidey and has made a link to Miles' familiy. The symbiote intends to kill the new Spidey, the reason is unclear and who is in the suit is totally unknown.

During the battle Jefferson is hurt. This inspires Miles to fight harder. The police arrive and attack both Spidey and Venom. Venom attacks the police, almost eating one before Miles steps in. Miles tries his venom blast on Venom, which seems to cause Venom to liquefy and disappear down a drain. The police turn on Spidey, who disappears and returns moments later in his civilian clothes.

Jefferson is taken to hospital and Miles' mum goes in the ambulance with him. Leaving Miles with Ganke, wondering what the heck just happened!

General Comments

This was a pretty action orientated issue, with Miles seemingly unable to really make much headway against the symbiote and having no clue as to what is going on. The art and action are clear and entertaining. I am totally clueless as to why Venom is really attacking (besides the Spidey connection). I am equally clueless in regards to the identity of Venom. Who is in the suit? Is it it Brock? Someone else? Is there even anyone in the Venom suit? This seems a possibility, since when the suit liquefies, there is non one left behind. If that is the case though, would the symbiote by itself have the intelligence to talk? This mystery is interesteing at the moment, I just hope it plays out satisfyingly!

Overall Rating

Great action orientated issue, with an interesting central mystery.

 Posted: Apr 2014
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)