Thunderbolts #80


This isn't the Thunderbolts you used to know. No Hawkeye or ex-Masters of Evil turned good. Instead you've got a fighting ring with nasty charcaters involved, some ex super villians. Daniel Axum is current champion of the ring, he's also had some run-ins with Spidey in the past...

Story 'Getting Even'

  Thunderbolts #80
Summary: Spidey Guest Appearance
Arc: Part 1 of 'Getting Even' (1-2)

We open with Spidey and Man-Killer fighting. Spidey humiliates and beats Man-Killer. It switches briefly to outside Axum's training gym for some ridicule of ex champion Armadillo, who is pathetic brain damaged loser due to his time in the ring. Then we catch back up with Man-Killer who is bailed out of jail by Trueno, who organises all the fights. He wants to get Man-Killer involved, she's not too happy, but at the prospect of beating men decides to go along with it.

Later at the training gym Man-Killer arrives. The coach and Axum aren't too happy about Man-Killer showing up. Man-Killer associates the coach with Spidey and then beats him. SO Trueno decides to get another trainer.

In the shower room later Axum is talking with his girlfriend about Man-Killer. He expresses his concerns about her, but also identifies with her because of her hate of Spidey. As he leaves the gym Man-Killer invites Axum to meet her at a bar later. He agrees. When he gets there the Scorpion and Delilah (also villains who've been beaten by Spidey) turn up and Man-Killer invites Axum to join a team...

To be continued...

Overall Rating

Not bad so far, let's go with three webs until we see how it finishes up next issue.